Photos and Text

Sources of Photos and Text

The San Diego Natural History Museum has Huey’s original field notes, along with a presumably contemporaneous typewritten transcript. The text included here is from the transcript, with spelling errors corrected. The field notes make up the main body of text and comments are set off and shown in italics, with hyperlinks to footnotes. The letters on the "Letters" page are from the museum's correspondence archives, and are transcriptions of the originals. 

The museum has both the positives and negatives of the original photos. The images on these pages are from the scanned positives, which were further enhanced in Adobe PhotoShop by manipulating the brightness/contrast and hue/saturation characteristics. They were scanned in TIFF format, enhanced, cropped, and then converted to JPEG. In a letter written from Trinidad to museum director Clinton Abbott, Huey wrote about his camera situation: “the old Ilex shutter is on the strike again so I am wanting the little compound with the Tessar lens sent up. It’s on my desk and in my cupboard in my room you will find a new lens board for my 5x7. Please include it also. This lensboard is painted black on one side and mahogany color on the other.” Modern photos appear in color. The footnotes section includes credits for modern photos.