Binational Advisory Board

  • Anderson, Susan. Ph.D.
    Northwest Mexico Program Director
    The Nature Conservancy
  • Blue, Austin
    Co-Owner and Chief Executive Officer
    SciFly, LLC
  • Cudney, Richard
    Conservation and Science Associate Program Officer
    Packard Foundation
  • Engstrand, Iris. Ph.D.
    Professor of History
    University of San Diego
  • Ezcurra, Exequiel. Ph.D.
    Director of UCMEXUS; Professor, Botany and Plant Sciences
    UC Riverside
  • Goebel, Martin
    Executive Director
    Sustainable Northwest
  • Hambleton, Enrique - Co-Chairman
    Pronatura Noroeste
  • Harper, Alan. Ph.D.
    Terra Peninsular, AC
  • Herzl, Davida
    Co-Founder & CEO, Aclima Inc.
    Managing Partner, NextEarth Group, LLC
  • Kiy, Richard
    President & CEO
    International Community Foundation
  • Knaebel, Sergio
    Grant Director
    Sandler Family Supporting Foundation
  • Luken, Gaston
    Noroeste Sustentable
  • McDonald, Steven
    Private Practice Lawyer
    Law Office of Steven McDonald, LC
    Environmental and Resource Regulation and Litigation
  • Means, Tim
    Owner and Founder
    Baja Expeditions
  • Navarra, Jerry
    Jerome's Furniture Inc.
  • Ogarrio, Rodolfo
    Executive President
    Fundea (Fundación Mexicana para la Educación Ambiental AC)
  • Rehm, Rudolph
    Finance Partner
    DCM-DOLL Capital Management
  • * Roberts, Norman DVM
    Director Emeritus, SDNHM, Investment Counselor, Conservationist
  • Robles, Alejandro
    Executive Director Noroeste Sustentable Initiative
    Noroeste Sustentable
  • Shepard Espinosa, Carolina
    Founder and Director
    Bahia De Los Angeles Museum
  • Sparrow, Tom
    Eclipse Automotive Properties
  • Valdes, Roberto
    Land and Planning Development
  • Walton, Christy
    Walton Family Foundation
  • Waring, Jim
    CleanTECH San Diego
    City of San Diego, Land Use and Economic Development


* deceased