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Pinus jeffreyi
Jeffrey Pine, Yellow Pine

PINACEAE (Pine Family)

The generic name refers to the genus of cone bearing trees and shrubs with needle-like leaves known as pines.


A large symmetrically shaped pine tree growing to 20-50 m (60 to 150 feet) high with blue-green needles 12 to 28 cm (5 to 11 inches) long, occurring in sets of threes. The reddish-brown cones are 15 to 25 cm (6 to 10 inches) long with an asymmetrical base and first appear from May to June.

Range and Habitat

Jeffrey Pine is present in Baja California in the Sierra San Pedro Mártir and Sierra Juárez, through California, and north to Oregon. In Baja California, this pine can be found at altitudes of 1,500 to 3,000 m (4,500 to 6,000 feet).

Natural History

The wood of this species is highly prized for logging timber and used for construction in the U.S. This tree was formerly logged in the Sierra Juárez. The bark and wood of this pine gives off the scent of vanilla.

This is one of the most common pines in the mountains of Baja California. Other species of the genus Pinus present in Baja California are Pinus cembroides var. lagunae (Mexican Piñon Pine), Pinus coulteri (Coulter Pine), Pinus lambertiana (Sugar Pine), Pinus monophylla (Single-needle Piñon), Pinus muricata (Bishop Pine), Pinus murrayana (Lodgepole Pine), and Pinus quadriflolia (Four-Needle Piñon)

Jeffrey Pine at Laguna Hanson, photo by Reid Moran

Text by Bob Lauri
Photograph of Jeffrey Pine at Laguna Hanson by Reid Moran

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