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Fistularia commersonii
Cornetfishes, Pez Corneta

Family: FISTULARIIDAE (Cornetfishes)


Characterized by the shape of the elongated, depressed body, the long filament protruding from the caudal fin, and a very long tubular snout with a short, oblique mouth at the end. Color is greenish dorsally, shading to silvery white below, but is able to develop barred or mottled color patterns. They are up to 1.2 m (4 feet) long.

Range and Habitat

The cornetfishes have a wide range: Western Indian Ocean to eastern Tropical Pacific; from the Gulf of California and Bahía Magdalena, south to Panama and Islas Galapagos. They are found around reefs and wrecks to depths of about 30 m (100 feet) and over open sand at night.

Natural History

Observations by biologist Dr. Edmund Hobson indicate that the cornetfish is a stalking and ambush predator that uses its various color patterns to avoid detection. It seeks a wide variety of prey and remains active at night.

Text by Patricia Beller

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