I arrived to this workshop as a poor person and I leave as a wealthy one! Thank you!

Thank you for creating the kind of programs that you offer; they help us develop new critical thinking skills.

My students are much more motivated and interested in the lessons I teach since I incorporated what I learned in PROBEA workshops. My compliments for the quality of the information and materials you provide.

Our visit to “Ecoparque” brought very positive results to all our students. They feel very motivated with the activities they do at the park; they have fun and enjoy being in touch with nature; all this helps them to be more aware of the need to take care of our environment.

Thank you so much for the Atlas, the video, the posters, the handouts, and the nutritious food.”

Congratulations on everything you do. It is very admirable. Thanks a lot!!

We want to congratulate you for such an awesome project and to thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I look forward to another PROBEA workshop soon.”

I would like to congratulate the facilitators for all their love and patience, as well as for the knowledge they shared and their dedication.

Reminding us to take field trips to key sites was very important to me.

I am very pleased that these kinds of workshops and materials are reaching the teachers because they offer tools they can apply with their students and empower us, the non-formal educators.

I liked the way this workshop was designed and implemented, and also the fact that we have enough time to carry out all the activities.

Thank you for providing us the most productive 14 hours that we’ve had in the last few days. We are especially grateful to you for sharing the soul and spirit of your infinite love and your enthusiasm for environmental education. Today everything becomes really meaningful to us. We reiterate our commitment to give our 100% so our students can do the same.

I understood the importance of taking care of our environment, beginning with myself.

I learned very creative activities and teaching-learning techniques I didn’t’even know existed.

The new teaching-learning techniques that I learned taught me the importance of working individually and as a team.

The workshop was full of humor and introduced us to significant teaching practices and new information while emphasizing communication skills and the importance of participation....a great combination for a workshop.

It’s really inspiring to see what PROBEA has accomplished.

I learned different learning-teaching techniques to apply to the different learning styles and how to integrate environmental education into other subjects.

I learned that it is possible to connect many concepts and subjects that apparently don’t have anything in common.

Through a series of exercises, this workshop gave me tools to present and review concepts in a fun and creative way.

PROBEA is a well structured effort to promote environmental awareness.

The most significant thing I learned is that meaningful learning does not require complicated tools.

I believe that PROBEA’s work can be multiplied if we, as teachers, do our part to bring everything we learned in the workshop into our classroom.

The most important part for me was observing how the group of people from my own institution who attended Oasis Marino became more integrated.

I was reminded that I can still learn new things and participate in new projects.

The most important thing I learned was the ability to provide technical information in my courses in a clear and simple way.

We are going to adopt a lot of the teaching -learning strategies that we learned in this workshop.

This workshop was like a door that opened our eyes to a wonderful world that was right in front of us but we couldn’t see.