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Youth Volunteer Opportunities

Our youth (ages 16-18) opportunites are limited to spring and summer Camp Aides. Volunteer Camp Aides are responsible for insuring that our campers have an enjoyable and safe experience. We have high expectations for our camp aides and they are vital to the success of our camps.

Volunteer applicants must enjoy working with children and be willing to get their hands dirty using glue, paint, and paper maché. Applicants need to be responsible, able to take directions, and available for a minimum of three-weeks in the summer and at least one full day during spring camp. Camp aides assist with classroom set up, aid children with craft activities, and help make happy memories for the children and staff. Classes can be up to 25 children, ranging in age from three years to junior high.

Summer Camps are June 15– August 28, 2009.

To apply, complete the volunteer application. Applicants must include two references on the application (one non-relative and one teacher) and the name and phone number of parent/guardian. Applicants are individually interviewed and references will be checked. The parent/guardian must complete a health history questionnaire before the youth volunteer is accepted into the program. Before camp begins, the youth volunteer must attend a mandatory group orientation.