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Getting Started—how to become a volunteer!

1 Completion of Application
Please complete the Volunteer Application with as much pertinent information as possible. Upon receipt of a completed application, the volunteer applicant's skills and interests will be evaluated and reviewed in light of the Museum's current needs. You may be invited to attend one of our orientations to find out more about us and our volunteer requirements.

2 Orientation
All volunteer applicants attend an orientation. It will include information about the Museum history, current research and education efforts, policies and procedures for volunteers, requirements for the available positions, and a tour of the facility. You will have an opportunity to discuss your specific interests.

3  Placement
Volunteer interests and desires, and the Museum's needs will be weighed to insure the best match possible Volunteers will not be given a volunteer position they do not want or a position for which they are not qualified.

4 Scheduling
Scheduling is handled by the assigned department or volunteer group. Exhibit ion Ambassadors are asked to sign up for designated shifts. Minimum commitments are reviewed under Requirements.