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Plants that Attract Butterflies, A Gallery of Paintings by Albert Valentien

Painting of Salix lasiolepis, by Albert Valentien

Salix lasiolepis (Arroyo Willow)
Painted by Albert Valentien
© San Diego Natural History Museum

Salix lasiolepis

The Arroyo Willow, Salix lasiolepis, is of variable size, ranging from a shrub to a 30 ft tree; it is in the Salicaceae or willow family. Arroyo Willow is deciduous, and grows in dense stands near streams, marshes, springs, meadows, and bluffs. It flowers in January and February, with yellow upright catkins that appear before the new leaves. Lorquin's Admiral butterflies, Sylvan Hairstreaks, and Mourning Cloaks use plants in the genus Salix as host plants.

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Text by Margaret Dykens