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Plants that Attract Butterflies, A Gallery of Paintings by Albert Valentien

Painting of Raphanus sativus, by Albert Valentien

Raphanus sativus (Wild Radish)
Painted by Albert Valentien
© San Diego Natural History Museum

Raphanus sativus

Raphanus sativus or Wild Radish has basal leaves, scattered hairs on the leaves and stems, and a taproot. A member of the Brassicaceae (Cruciferae) or mustard family, it was native to the Mediterranean area but is now found in temperate areas worldwide. Flowers are white, lavender, or yellowish with pink or purple veining. It favors disturbed areas such as roadsides, meadows, and edges of agricultural fields. Cabbage White and Felder's Orangetip butterflies use plants in the Brassicaceae as host plants.

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Text by Margaret Dykens