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Plants that Attract Butterflies, A Gallery of Paintings by Albert Valentien

Painting of Malva neglecta, by Albert Valentien

Malva neglecta (Common mallow)
Painted by Albert Valentien
© San Diego Natural History Museum

Malva neglecta

Native California plants in the Malvaceae or mallow family include some attractive species such as globe mallow, checker mallow, and chaparral mallow, and also weedy species such as Malva neglecta, the common mallow, and cheeseweed, Malva parviflora. M. neglecta is most often found in disturbed places. The flowers show similarities to those of the familiar hibiscus, which is also in the Malvaceae. The West Coast Lady butterfly uses various species of Malva as its host plants.

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Text by Margaret Dykens