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Plants that Attract Butterflies, A Gallery of Paintings by Albert Valentien

Painting of Cercocarpus betuloides, by Albert Valentien

Cercocarpus betuloides (Mountain Mahogany)
Painted by Albert Valentien
© San Diego Natural History Museum

Cercocarpus betuloides

Cercocarpus betuloides or Mountain Mahogany is a shrub or small evergreen tree in the Rosaceae, or rose family. When in bloom, the masses of very small, tube-like flared flowers have a wonderful fragrance. Fruiting plants are noteworthy for conspicuous, feathery plumes attached to the brown seeds. Mountain Mahogany has small dark green leaves, and is found in chaparral, oak woodlands, and coniferous forests. It is a valuable browse plant and will sprout from the crown after a fire. Mountain Mahogany Hairstreak butterflies use plants of the genus Cercocarpus as host plants.

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Text by Margaret Dykens