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Assessment of Internal Strengths and Weaknesses
External Opportunities and Threats

Internal Strengths and Weaknesses

Top Five Strengths
  1. Strong staff and board
  2. New building
  3. The collections
  4. Community support--strong volunteer corps
  5. Great programs in place for adults and kids

Top Five Weaknesses

  1. Lack of exhibits
  2. Need a more diverse corps of volunteers
  3. Need to fill vacant staff positions
  4. Inability for lower income families/children to come to museum (financial)
  5. Financial constraints

Top Three Opportunities and Threats

External Opportunities

  1. Expansion of the relationship with Baja California
  2. Opportunities for education as public becomes more aware of importance of preserving natural areas
  3. Expansion of San Diego (tourism)

External Threats

  1. Economy will slow the development of exhibits and other public offerings
  2. Energy Crisis
  3. Growth of San Diego will result in traffic problems and accessibility


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