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SWOT Staff Report

Internal Strengths and Weaknesses

  1. Scientific collection and research program.
  2. New facility in a desirable location.
  3. Talented and dedicated staff, leadership, and volunteers.
  4. Quality exhibit and education programming.
  5. Strong mission with a binational focus.


  1. Budget limitations; lack of funding; small endowment.
  2. Lack of exhibits in new building.
  3. Inadequate staff and vacant positions.
  4. Unfinished building; compromises made during construction.
  5. Management: communication, style, staff training, accounting tools, staff morale, project coordination.

Main Opportunities and Threats


  1. Growth in the region.
  2. Increased public demand for scientific literacy; increased importance and popularity of environmental issues.
  3. Binational position; relationship with Mexico; future collaborations and coalitions.


  1. Economic downturn and rising costs.
  2. Competition for leisure time.
  3. Infrastructure of San Diego City and County: traffic, parking, security concerns.

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