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Definitions of Some Planning Words and Phrases

Action Plan
This is a step-by-step layout of what has to be done in order to implement a strategy. It identifies who will be responsible for taking each individual step. It also establishes when each step should start and finish.

Cost/Benefit Analysis
An effort to estimate the costs that go with obtaining needed resources...and then matching those costs against the benefits that are anticipated from implementing the Action Plan involved.

How we do things. Actual behaviors. Our personality and style.

Key Result Areas (KRA)
A major priority for the Museum over the next ten years. It is where we most need to do things that are new, better and different, to make things happen.

A comprehensive statement which defines the nature and purpose of the San Diego Natural History Museum Marketing function.

A measurable, specific, time-certain thing we set out to accomplish in a KRA. This is like a destination marked on the map for a trip. It must be measurable so that we can determine what progress we are making along the way...and know when we have achieved our end.

Resources Requirements
This is a spelling out of the resources in people, money, material, equipment and other kinds which will be needed in order to carry out an Action Plan that implements a Strategy.

This is a direction which we believe will best take us to an objective. It is like the route we set out to follow in reaching a destination on a map. When we adopt a strategy, we automatically are committing the various kinds of financial resources required to implement it.

Shared beliefs which energize action in a consistent manner. Principles that are held most dear.

The statement of the most desirable situation for the San Diego Natural History Museum to be in at some future time. It sets out the ideal positioning for the long term clearly and inspirationally.

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