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Symposia and Workshops

Department of the Interior Museum Program
Second Conference on Partnership Opportunities for Federally-Associated Collections

Pre-conference Workshops

Open to all Participants

(see below for invitation-only workshops)

Monday, November 16
Creating and Managing Repositories for Federally-Associated Collections

Coordinator: Cindy Stankowski, Acting Director, San Diego Archaeological Center
Synopsis: This workshop will bring together agency representatives and collections professionals to discuss case studies and explore the issues associated with seeking Federal repository status; the physical requirements and planning of repositories; their governance, contracts and policies; access issues; managing the costs; multiple agency management issues; and the scientific, cultural and historic importance of Federal repositories maintained in the public trust.
Length: One day (Monday, November 16)
Audience: Open to all participants.
Size: Limit 30.
Location: San Diego Archaeological Center

Monday, November 16
Heritage Preservations: Capitalize on Collections Care

Coordinator: Jennifer Luksic, Curator of Collections, San Diego Historical Society, and Karen Groce, Heritage Preservation
Synopsis: As federal funds for cultural organizations are increasingly threatened in the current political climate, institutions must expand their fund raising to new horizons:the private sector and state and local governments. The project demonstrates how institutions can incorporate preservation and conservation creatively into fund raising activities. Collections care can be an effective tool for raising money and invigorating a fund-raising program, benefiting both the collections care program, and the whole institution. This one day program studies collections care / development partnerships and discusses successful strategies for incorporating collections care into fund-raising activities.
Length: One day (Monday, November 16)
Audience: Open to all participants.
Size: Limit 75
Location: To be announced

Tuesday, November 17
". . .And the Creeks Don't Rise:" Disasters, Health and Safety Issues, and Museum Collections

Coordinator: Carolyn Wallingford, National Park Service
Synopsis: This session will use case studies to explore the effects of recent disasters (floods, fires, seismic events, and the like) with emphasis on risk assessment, disaster plans, loss and accountability. Practical strategies for planning, response, and security will be presented.
Length: One day (Tuesday, November 17)
Audience: Open to all participants.
Size: Limit 75.
Location: Marriott Mission Valley


Pre-conference Workshops -- not open to general registration

(see workshops open to all participants)

Saturday - Tuesday, November 14-17
National Archaeological Collections Management Mini-Conference

Coordinator: Robert Sonderman, Society for Historical Archaeology
Synopsis: This mini-conference will bring together, in a work shop format, invited experts in the fields of archeological collections management, archives management, and conservation. They represent the private sector and local, state, and Federal government agencies. This project is principally funded by a grant from the National Center of Preservation Technology and Training and is sponsored by the Society for Historical Archaeology, Society for American Archaeology, Advisory Council on Underwater Archaeology, U.S. Department of the Interior Museum Program, National Park Service Archeology and Ethnography Program and the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works). The workshop will address issues central to the long-term care of the nation’s archaeological heritage and will propose a management plan that can be implemented on a national level.
Length: Four Days ( Saturday, November 14 - Tuesday, November 17)
Audience: By invitation only. Result of the mini-conference will be shared with Partnership Conference participants during the plenary sessions.
Size: Limit 30
Location: Marriott Mission Valley

Monday - Tuesday, November 16-17
Bureau of Reclamation

Coordinator: Bobbie Ferguson, Lead Technical Specialist, Bureau of Reclamation
Length: 2 days (Monday, November 16 and Tuesday November 17)
Audience: By invitation only
Size: Limit 30
Location: Marriott Mission Valley