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drawing of Opuntia lindsayi

Opuntia lindsayi
a new cholla from Baja California, Mexico, named by Jon Rebman, SDNHM.  


A distinguished, and continuing, list of refereed scientific publications reflects the long history of the San Diego Society of Natural History as a leader in the exploration and study of the geologic past and present biological diversity of western North America and beyond.

  • Proceedings (1990 to present)
    Since 1990, when the three other series were discontinued, the society publishes only one series, the Proceedings. In some cases, short papers on the same general subject have been bound into a single volume and are not available as separates.
  • Transactions (1905 to 1989) (101K)
    The Transactions are generally short treatments of narrow subject matter, published as separates with consecutive pagination. Frequently, these works consist of descriptions of one or a few newly-named taxa, or species lists from a particular locality, although many other subjects are included in this series.
  • Memoirs (1931 to 1989)
    The Memoirs are comprehensive, often book-length, treatments of their subject matter.
  • Occasional Papers (1936 to 1986)
    This series includes mostly small works, often written for a more general non-technical audience. The Occasional Papers include such subjects as annotated checklists and identification guides.
  • Environment Southwest (1967 to 1990)
    This quarterly general interest magazine for museum members was discontinued in 1990. Back issues of some numbers are still available for purchase, although there is no list.

Opuntia lindsayi drawing by Kathy Allen, 1997