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Topics in Paleontology

Recent Proboscidean Discoveries —September 2007 Webcast (with Adobe Presenter™)
A Tale of Two Excavations: April 1999, Discoveries in the Museum Pit
Chula Vista Fossil Whale: How a large fossil is removed from the field
Clams of Champions: Balboa Park excavation yields invertebrate fossils, May 1998
Dinosaurs of San Diego County
Pleistocene Mammal Discoveries November 1999
Teenager found first Dino Fossil in County, and now, years later, he's a SDNHM paleontologist
How to Cast a T. rex!: master cast maker Fritz Clark explains his craft
Paleontology and our Local Desert
Fossil mollusks of San Diego County by Ellen J. Moore. 1968. (PDF*)

Topics in Geology
Geologic History of San Diego County
Geologic History in our Backyard
Geology of San Diego County
Faults and Earthquakes of San Diego County

Also on this Website

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Finding Fossils --also for kids
Fossils of our Region
Paleontology Collection DatabaseApril 2000
Paleontology FAQs
Recommended Reading List.
The Science of Jurassic Park

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Museum of Paleontology at the University of Calfornia, Berkeley -- The best site we know for information about paleontology and evolution.

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