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Photo Albums

Following are titles and brief descriptions of captioned albums. Most of the albums contain black and white prints, with an average of four prints per page. Note that the photo albums constitute only a fraction of the image archives.

Scenes in Lower California, Mexico (135 pages) 1923–1926, 1936

Includes trips by L.M. Huey, Clinton G. Abbott, and others, to Sierra San Pedro Martir, Sierra Juarez, Santo Domingo, San Felipe, Scammon Lagoon.

Guadalupe Island and scenes en route (45 pages) 1923–1926

Includes July 1923, August 1924 and June 1926 trips to Guadalupe Island. The August 1924 trip is particularly well-documented.

Scenes on Coronado Islands, Mexico (22 pages) 1924–1925

Includes trips to the Coronado Islands in 1924 and a trip to San Clemente Island, California, 1925.

Whaling scenes (17 pages) 1926

A trip to Trinidad Whaling Station, Humboldt County, California. July 12–Aug 31, 1926. Includes pictures of the Trinidad coast, the whaling boat and activities, black-footed albatross, fin-backed whale, and California gray whale.

Scenes in country other than Lower California, including plant studies, scenes showing Museum's truck and staff collecting specimens (84 pages) 1923–1926

Includes Bard, California; Laguna Dam, Colorado River and Picacho, Imperial County, California; mountains, bridges, dams, Thousand Palm Canyon, San Diego County.

Living bird, animal, insect subjects, including nests and eggs of birds not in museum groups (50 pages) 1922–1925

Includes baby house mice, bobcat kittens, cooper hawks, willow goldfinches, baby shrikes, alligator lizard, trapdoor spiders, tarantulas; locations include San Diego County, Imperial County, Baja California.

Mounted groups, taxidermy work, details of groups (108 pages) 1922–1941

Includes exhibits and taxidermist at work.

San Diego Natural History Museum–View of 1980

Includes images and descriptions of staff from different departments. Colored photos.

Mushroom Prints

Two albums, with mushroom species identified.