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Expedition 2000 to Isla Guadalupe
A Binational Multidisciplinary Expedition

Participating Researchers

Photo of scientists on the boat in front of the helicopter, Dale Clark, 3 June 2000
Setting out on the expedition: 3 June, 2000.

Exequiel Ezcurra, Ph.D., SDNHM, ecologist (principal investigator)
William Everett, SDNHM Research Associate, ornithologist (co-principal investigator)

U.S. Scientists
Philip Unitt, SDNHM, ornithologist
Robert Pitman, National Marine Fisheries Service, ornithologist
Clark Winchell, United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), ornithologist, conservation analyst
Jon Rebman, Ph.D., SDNHM, botanist
Tom Oberbauer, County of San Diego Planning Department, botanist
Rolf L.Aalbu, Ph.D., California Academy of Sciences, entomologist
Bradford Hollingsworth, Ph.D., SDNHM, herpetologist
Marshal Hedin, Ph.D., SDSU, entomologist

Mexican Scientists
Eric Mellink, Ph.D., CICESE, Ensenada, ornithologist/mammalogist
Patricia Beller, SDNHM, marine ecologist
Alwin van der Heiden, CIAD, Mazatlan, ornithologist
Jose Luis León, CIB, La Paz, botanist
Francisco Pedroche, UAM-I, UC Berkeley, algologist
Carlos Navarro-Serment, CIAD, Mazatlan, biologist

Logistics Staff
Mel Cain, helicopter pilot
Bob Gannon, logistics coordinator
Tom Thrailkill, logistics assistant

Film Crew
(Northern Light Productions, Boston, Massachusetts)
Liz Kay, producer
Troy Thompson, director/editor
Miguel Angel Aponte, first camera
Benjamin J. Avishai, sound recordist

Writer & Photographer
Eric Niiler, freelance writer
Jeffrey Brown, freelance photographer

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