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Recommended Books: Geology
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Children and Families | The Serious Amateur

For children and families

[Geology : The Active Earth (Ranger Rick's Naturescope)] National Wildlife Federation
Geology: The Active Earth (Ranger Rick's Naturescope)
McGraw-Hill (1997) Paperback - 96 pages
Amazon synopsis: Kids in grades kindergarten through eighth are introduced to fundamental concepts of geology as they observe tectonic plates on the go, grow their own crystals, play rock detective, and join in 15 other engaging activities that teach them about the structure of the earth, earthquakes and volcanoes, rocks and minerals, fossils and the forces that shape the landscape. 70 illustrations.
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For the serious amateur

Abbott, Patrick L.
The Rise and Fall of San Diego
Sunbelt Publishers (1999)Pat Abbott has distilled his many years of geological fieldwork into a book that offers the reader the opportunity to experience firsthand the unique geologic history of our region. Dr. Abbott has selected the best mini-fieldtrips to illustrate the key aspect of that history.
-- Tom Deméré, Curator of Paleontology, San Diego Natural History Museum
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[Geology of San Diego County: Legacy of the Land] Bergen, Frederick W., Harold J. Clifford and Steven G. Spear
Geology of San Diego County: Legacy of the Land
Sunbelt Publications (1997) Paperback
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Sharp, Robert P., and Allen F. Glazner
Geology Underfoot in Southern California
Mountain Press Publishing Company (1993) Paperback - 232 pages
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Sorrell, Charles A.
Field Guide and Introduction to the Geology and Chemistry of Rocks and Minerals
Ill. by George F. Sandstrom
Golden Books (1978) Paperback
A complete guide to minerals, this illustrated field guide has been used in our museum's mineralogy classes.
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Wiggers, Raymond
The Amateur Geologist: Explorations and Investigations
Franklin Watts, Inc. (1993) School & Library Binding
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