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Exequiel Ezcurra, Ph.D.

Exequiel Ezcurra Exequiel Ezcurra, Ph.D.

Dr. Exequiel Ezcurra is formerly director of the Museums scientific research division, the Biodiversity Research Center of the Californias (BRCC). He is now Director of UC-Mexus at the University of California at Riverside. Dr. Ezcurra remains affiliated with the San Diego Natural History Museum as a distinguished research associate.

Dr. Ezcurra is a highly regarded scientist whose international experience and contacts greatly enhance the Museums research and education endeavors. Dr. Ezcurra has written and edited over 70 articles for scientific journals, eight books (the most recent are Global Desert Outlook and A New Island Biogeography of the Sea of Cortés) and 40 book chapters. He also co-produced the award-winning giant-screen film Ocean Oasis.

He has received numerous awards for his professional contributions to the field on ecology, including the prestigious Conservation Biology Award from the Society for Conservation Biology 1994 and the Pew Fellowship in 2006 (the worlds most esteemed award in marine conservation).

Highlights of his 30-year career include developing the first environmental impact assessments in Mexico and promoting creation of the California Condor release program in Baja California, Mexico.

Before his tenure at the Museum, Dr. Ezcurra was President of the National Institute of Ecology (INE) for Mexico. Appointed by President Vicente Fox in 2001, he was in charge of the national research organization that supplies research results to the federal government and the public. While directing the think tank, he focused on making the results of science accessible. This is apparent on the INE website. During the three years he served, the number of pages (journals, articles, and even complete books) downloaded from INE's website increased 17 fold, a testament to the success of his campaign to broaden the dissemination of INE research findings.

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