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Binational Multidisciplinary Expeditions
Agua Verde-Punta
  Mechudo 2003

Isla Guadalupe 2000
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  Expeditions: A Botanical
Binational Multidisciplinary Expeditions

Our last binational, multidisciplinary natural history expedition to the peninsula explored the southern end of the Sierra de la Giganta between Agua Verde and Punta Mechudo. For 21 days, beginning November 5, 2003, approximately 30 scientists from Mexico and the United States conducted fieldwork, first at a location near the coast, and then at high elevations in the Sierra de la Giganta.

Natural history research has nearly been eclipsed by current trends in modern science. However, with an increasing need for knowledge about biodiversity and ecology in order to promote conservation and management of natural areas, basic natural history studies like expeditions are still the most fundamental sources of information.

The museum is committed to conducting expeditions and other field research in the Baja California peninsula, which is a major portion of our area of emphasis. In addition to enhancing the scientific collections of the participating institutions, these expeditions benefit from the interactions between specialists in different disciplines and foster cooperation between scientists from various institutions in the United States and Mexico.