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Sesiidae in the holdings of SDNHM

Species in bold - specimens in the collection from Southern California
Follow numbered links for images of representative specimens for all species
Field guides for some species can be accessed by clicking on the species name.
  Aegeria culiciformis (1)
  Aegeria flaviventris (1)
  Aegeria mesiaeformis (1)
  Aegeria polaris (1)
  Aegeria scoliaeformis (1)
  Aegeria spheciformis (1)
  Aegeria tipuliformis (1)
  Albuna pyramidalis (1) (2)
  Alcathoe pepsioides (1)
  Alcathoe verrugo (1) (2)
  Carmenta bassiformis (1)
  Carmenta engelhardti (1)
  Carmenta giliae (1)
  Carmenta ithacae (1)
  Carmenta pyralidiformis (1)
  Carmenta sp. (species unknown) (1)
  Melittia butleri (1)
Squash Vine Borer Melittia cucurbitae (1)
Glorious Squash Vine Borer Melittia gloriosa (1)
  Melittia grandis (1)
  Melittia snowii (1)
  Osminia donahueorem (1)
Oak Clearwing Moth Paranthrene asilipennis (1)
Western Poplar Clearwing Paranthrene robiniae (1) (2) (3)
Oak Clearwing Borer Paranthrene simulans (1)
  Pennisetia hylaeiformis (1)
Raspberry Crown Borer Pennisetia marginata (1)
  Penstemonia dammersi (1)
  Penstemonia hennei (1) (2)
Ash Borer Podosesia syringae (1)
Hornet Moth Sesia apiformis (1)
  Sesia melanocephala (1)
Cottonwood Crown Borer Sesia tibialis (1)
Maple Callus Borer Synanthedon acerni (1)
Willow Stem Borer Synanthedon albicornis (1)
Strawberry Crown Moth Synanthedon bibionipennis (1)
Peachtree Borer Synanthedon exitiosa (1)
Buckwheat Root Borer Synanthedon polygoni (1)
Apple Bark Borer Synanthedon pyri (1)

Sycamore Borer

Synanthedon resplendens (1) (2)
Currant Borer Synanthedon tipuliformis (1)
Grape Root Borer Vitacea polistiformis (1)
  Zenodoxus canescens (1)
  Zenodoxus palmii (1)
  Zenodoxus sidalceae (1)

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Text by Emily Finley in consultation with Michael Wall.
Photos by Emily Finley.

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