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Who uses the specimens?
Teachers and Museum Docents
You do!

Children with mounted California mountain lion, photo by B.Ross
Children with gray whale skull, photo by B.Ross

Caring for Collections

You do!

You've used specimens if you have ...

Specimens from the Mineral Hall at SDNHM, photo by Tim Murray

Specimens are a fantastic tool--a resource that helps you discover the secrets of the world around you.

Specimens form the core of a museum's philosophy. They are critical for research, for teaching, for our enjoyment of nature through art. Specimens at the San Diego Natural History Museum support our mission to understand the natural world of Southern California and the Baja California peninsula.

We want you to enjoy and benefit from the specimens we collect--but we also want your grandchildren to have those same experiences with specimens. For your grandchildren to be able to learn from the specimens, we need to prevent damage to the specimens.

Why do we want to make specimens last forever?
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