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Who uses the specimens?

Teachers and Museum Docents
You do!

mounted barn owl from Resource Loan Library, photo by P.Cato
two bats (Myotis californicus), photo by P.Cato
Caring for Collections

Teachers and Museum Docents use specimens in our collections to bring the facts and concepts of science to life.

Let's see, there's the lesson about classifying... What's the difference between mammals, birds and reptiles?

And that lesson about form and function... Can you tell what mammals eat by the shape of their teeth?

Drawer of butterflies, photo by T.Murray

And the one about biodiversity and genetic variation.... Or was that geographic variation? Or both?

Anyway, you get the idea.

Specimens and objects in the Museum's Nature to You Loan Program are particularly helpful for the kindergarten through high school ages. The Research Collections are used by college professors to help their students with the more advanced concepts.

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