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Preventive conservation at your home or work

What do you have?
What damage might you see?
What can you do?

pest damage in sweater cracks in wood base

Caring for Collections

What damage might you see?

Knowing that you have different kinds of materials in your collection, it becomes easier to understand that some objects are more sensitive to one type of damage than another.

For example, many of the organic materials are very susceptible to pest damage. Textiles and clothing made from natural fibers as well as objects with feathers and fur or non-treated leathers are food for insects.

Objects with dyes and pigments will fade easily.

doll skirt exposed to light apron of doll pulled back showing fading on skirt

Objects made from woods or bone material will crack in extremely dry environments.

Then there is, unfortunately, the damage that is not visible until it is too late, and the damage is catastrophic. So it is critical that you take steps to prevent as much deterioration as you can, with many techniques that are not expensive nor cumbersome.

What can you do?
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