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Caring for Collections


These pages were developed with funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services through a Conservation Project grant to the Museum, with Dr. Paisley S. Cato as Project Director.

We appreciate the contributions of the following people who provided images and photographs and assisted with reviews of text:

  Diana H. Dicus, private conservator
Bob Ross, freelance photographer
Llyn Sharp, Virginia Tech Museum of Natural History
John Simmons, Museum of Natural History, University of Kansas
and from the San Diego Natural History Museum ...
  Dale Clark, Director of Website Development
Jennifer Costelow, Education Collection Manager
Brad Hollingsworth, Curator, Herpetology
Judy Gibson, Curatorial Assistant, Botany
Melissa Leitch, Assistant, Collections Care
Tim Murray, Director of Exhibits
Kesler Randall, Collections Manager, Fossil Vertebrates
Jon Rebman, Curator, Botany
John Sanborn, Collection Assistant
Scott Tremor, Mammalogist, Birds and Mammals
Heather Warren, Assistant, Collections Care
Delle Willett, Director of Marketing / Public Relations

Thanks are also given to the Science Museum of Minnesota for granting permission to photograph bear skulls from the traveling exhibit, Bears: Imagination and Reality.

Translation by Ana Lilia Reina

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