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Sibaropsis hammittii

A Floristic Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Viejas Mountain
Alpine, San Diego County, California
by Jon Rebman and Jeannie Gregory

Delphinium cardinale & Calochortus ssp. This checklist is a compilation of information obtained mostly from voucher specimens collected by J. Rebman and J. Gregory between 2002 and 2005. The checklist incorporates all known native and naturalized vascular plants collected during that time period that were documented as occurring on Viejas Mountain. (Note that "naturalized" refers to non-native plants that grow, persist, and reproduce in natural, non-cultivated habitats.) The Viejas Mountain area includes not only the United States Forest Service lands as part of the Cleveland National Forest, which is by far the majority of the land area, but also some of the private ranches around the lower parts of the Mountain especially those off of Anderson Truck Trail (West Boundary Road); in particular, 20 acres associated with 565 Anderson Truck Trail owned by M. Kelley, where Rebman resided for approximately 2 years.

This checklist provides voucher specimen documentation for all plant taxa collected in the area by listing an abbreviated collector’s name (jg = Jeannie Gregory, jr = Jon Rebman) and collection number for the specimen. These collected vouchers are or will be deposited in the SD Herbarium at the San Diego Natural History Museum. We feel that in preparing any floristic checklist, it is of the utmost importance that every plant taxon listed be documented with an herbarium specimen that is deposited and accessioned in an accredited herbarium. Without proper specimen documentation, the presence or correct identity of these taxa may be in doubt. We hope and encourage that future work on regional checklists and local floristic surveys, including those by governmental agencies and private consulting firms, will endeavor to provide complete specimen documentation.

Delphinium cardinaleAlso included in the list are 30 plant taxa that have been personally observed by the authors/collectors while in the field on Viejas Mountain, but have not yet been vouchered with a specimen. In the next year, the authors are planning to document these observed taxa with specimens in order to verify their presence in the area.


Our current count of native and naturalized vascular plants that are known to occur on Viejas Mountain is 455 species (including hybrids), and 476 total taxa (including subspecies and varieties). These plant taxa are classified in 82 different plant families and 294 genera. The taxonomic classification and nomenclature used in the list follows the third edition (2001) of the Checklist of the Vascular Plants of San Diego County by Simpson & Rebman. Of the 476 taxa, 113 (24%) are non-native and naturalized in the area. Sixteen of the plants in the checklist are listed by CNPS as sensitive plant taxa. The environmental listing information for these taxa is based on California Native Plant Society. 2001. Inventory of Rare and Endangered Plants of California (6th edition; Rare Plant Scientific Advisory Committee, David P. Tibor, Convening Editor.).Cirsium occidentale

San Diego County is often cited as having more species (or taxa) of vascular plants than any other county in the continental United States. If this statement is true, then the Viejas Mountain area may be one of the most diverse assemblages of plant species found in this biologically rich County.