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Climate Change

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Layla Aerne Hains
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Climate Change Workshop
held Nov. 7, 2007


Botany Staff

Mary Ann Hawke, Ph.D., Director, San Diego County Plant Atlas
Dr. Hawke is Director of the San Diego County Plant Atlas project, which is scientifically documenting the county’s floristic diversity by training members of the community (called “parabotanists”) to collect field data and voucher plant specimens for all the native and naturalized plant species in the county. The Plant Atlas will compliment the museum’s Bird Atlas and Mammal Atlas projects and will provide accurate and detailed geographic information on the flora of San Diego County for science, education, the interested public, and land managers. She is co-Principal Investigator of grants from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and from the Systematic Biology Program of the National Science Foundation. Trained as a plant ecologist and environmental educator, Dr. Hawke’s research focuses on assessing ecological health in arid lands. Her interests include lichens and biological soil crusts, soil/microbe/plant interactions, and the fire ecology of Southern California.

Dr. Jon Rebman, Curator of Botany, San Diego Natural History Museum
Curator Jon Rebman has extensive local knowledge about the rare and endemic species; he verifies virtually every specimen before it is accessed into the collection, and has written the reference book on San Diego’s plants (Rebman and Simpson 2006). He served on an advisory panel for Rare Plant Monitoring, and is a consultant for the Multiple Species Conservation Planning effort for eastern San Diego County. Dr. Rebman pursues an active field program based on his research and makes collections of general flora while acquiring material for specific research questions.

Layla Aerne Hains, Research Project Manager, Botany
Ms. Aerne Hains is now managing the research project that uses herbarium data to assess climate change in San Diego County. In the Botany department she is also responsible for data management, field collections, and processing specimens for the Plant Atlas project. She recently finished her M.S. in Biology at San Diego State University, with a focus on Plant Systematics. While at SDSU she worked for 2 years as an assistant curator in the SDSU Herbarium.

Project Consultants

Dr. Anne S. Fege, Botany Research Associate
Dr. Fege is an experienced land manager, an established scientist, and an active leader in local conservation issues. She has organized numerous professional workshops and strategic planning sessions to address wildland fire, forest ecology, biodiversity, and nature education.

Ms. Suzann Leininger, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialist
Ms. Leininger combines skills and experience in GIS and biological field work in vernal pool assessments, field mapping of vegetation habitats, vegetation sampling, and habitat restoration. She has developed and managed geographic databases and created maps for federal and local land managing agencies