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Recommended Books: Mammals

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[A Field Guide to the Mammals : North America North of Mexico (Peterson Field Guides)] Burt, W. H., and R. P. Grossenheider
A Field Guide to the Mammals: North America North of Mexico (Peterson Field Guides)
Chapters Publishing Ltd. (1976) Paperback
Available from

Bond, S. I.
An Annotated List of the Mammals of San Diego County, California
San Diego Society of Natural History 18:14 (229-248) (1977) Transaction
Out of Print SDNHM publication

Halfpenny, James
Field Guide to Tracking Mammals in North America
Johnson Books (1988) Paperback - 161 pages
Available from

Huey, Laurence M.
The Mammals of Baja California, Mexico
San Diego Society of Natural History 13:7 (85-168) (1964) Transaction
An SDNHM publication

Ingles, L. G.
Mammals of the Pacific States
Stanford University Press (1965) Paperback
Available from

Jameson, E. W., and Hans J. Peeters
California Mammals
University of California Press (1988) Paperback
This comprehensive book gives drawings of skulls and other anatomical details necessary for identification of specimens in the hand, as well as lore and natural history information. Includes cetaceans. Range maps, keys, detailed lists of references.
Available from

[A Field Guide to Animal Tracks (A Peterson Field Guide)] Murie, Olaus J.
A Field Guide to Animal Tracks (A Peterson Field Guide)
Chapters Publishing Ltd. (1998) Paperback
This classic work is still one of the best on how to interpret the signs left behind by animals: tracks, scat, bite and scratch marks, and more. Engaging discussions of animal behavior and field lore. Includes some observations on reptiles, birds, and insects, as well as mammals.
Available from

Nowak, R. M., and J. L. Paradiso
Walker's Mammals of the World
Johns Hopkins University Press (1991) Hardcover - 1629 pages 5th edition
Available from

Leatherwood, S., and R. R. Reeves
Sierra Club Handbook of Whales and Dolphins
Sierra Club Books (1983)
Available from



Barbour, Roger William
Bats of America
University Press of Kentucky (1969)
Out of Print

Krutzsch, Phillip
Ecological Study of the Bats of San Diego County (master's thesis)
University of California, Berkeley (1948)

Kunz, Thomas H.
Ecology of Bats
Plenum Publishing Corporation (1982) Paperback
Available from

Tuttle, Merlin D.
America's Neighborhood Bats
University of Texas Press (1988) Hardcover - 96 pages
A small book for bat lovers. How bats live, how to live with them and help them thrive. Photos, information and range maps of several widespread North American species.
Available from

Wimsatt, William A.
Biology of Bats
Academic Press (1977)
Out of Print

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