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Recommended Books: Birds

[The Birder's Handbook]Ehrlich, P. R., D. S. Dobkin, and D. Wheye.
The Birder's Handbook
Fireside (1988) Paperback - 785 pages
Compact and yet filled with information, this portable encyclopedia of North American bird behavior is a complement to field guides. Learn more about the species you see in the field,and--when in doubt--use this handy reference as another tool for identification.
Available from

Garrett, Kimball, and Jon Dunn
Birds of Southern California: Status and Distribution
Los Angeles Audubon Society, Los Angeles. 1981

Grinnell, Joseph
Distributional Summation of the Ornithology of Lower California
University of California Publ. Zool. 31:1-300 (1928)

Hamilton, R. A., and D. R. Willick
The Birds of Orange County, California
Sea and Sage Audubon Society, Irvine (1996) Paperback - 150 pages
Available from

Howell, S. N. G., and S. Webb
A Guide to the Birds of Mexico and Northern Central America
Oxford University Press (1995) Paperback
Available from

Kuhn, J. E.
Guide to the Birds of the Imperial Valley
A folding poster.

[Field Guide to the Birds of North America] National Geographic Society
Field Guide to the Birds of North America
National Geographic Society, 4th edition (2002) Paperback - 464 pages
This field guide of choice for serious birders combines accurate illustrations with useful maps and text in an easily portable format. Textual information includes notes on identification, behavior, habitat, and song; the illustrations depict individual species in varying plumages.
Available from

Roberson, D., and C. Tenney
Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Monterey County
Monterey Peninsula Audubon Society, Carmel, CA (1993)

Patten, M.A., G. McCaskie, and P. Unitt
Birds of the Salton Sea
University of California Press (2003) - 363 pages

Rosenberg, K. V., et al.
Birds of the Lower Colorado River Valley
University of Arizona Press (1991) Hardcover
Available from

Schram, B.
A Birder's Guide to Southern California
American Birding Association (1998)
Available from

Shuford, W. D.
Marin County Breeding Bird Atlas
Bushtit Books, Bolinas, CA (1993)

Stokes Field Guide to Bird Songs, Western Region
(1997) Cassette tape or CD.

Terres, John K.
Audubon Society Encyclopedia of North American Birds
Alfred A. Knopf (1980) Out of print
Available from

Todd, F. S.
Natural History of the Waterfowl
Ibis Publishing Co (1997) Hardcover
Available from

San Diego County Bird Atlas Unitt, Philip
San Diego County Bird Atlas
San Diego Natural History Museum in partnership with Ibis Publishing, Inc. (2005) Hardcover
Available from the Museum Store

Walton, R. K., and R. W. Lawson
Western Birding by Ear
Houghton Mifflin Audio (1994) 3 cds and booklet
Available from

Wilbur, Sanford R.
Birds of Baja California
University of California Press (1987) Hardcover
Available from

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