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Progress Report
Fall 1999

How was our progress during the breeding season of 1999? In one word, phenomenal. Despite a dry winter followed by a cold spring being unfavorable for breeding of many land birds, our participants still got thorough results from many areas. I'm delighted to be able to report that the threshold has been cleared, with 50% of the number of species on the target list confirmed breeding, in the three squares with the longest target lists. In J12, Wild Animal Park (46 species confirmed of a target list of 91) we must recognize the herculean efforts of Debi and Dan Bylin, in M20, Cuyamaca Peak (47 confirmed of a target list of 88), those of Ann and Tom Keenan, and in K10, Lake Hodges (45 confirmed of a target list of 87), those of Dick Barber. This highest threshold goal has now been met in 47 more squares since the last issue of Wrenderings, bringing the total at this level to 117, 24% of all squares. Congratulations to...


Don Adams and the regular Los Peñasquitos count team in O8, Golden Triangle
Dick Barber in K10, Lake Hodges
Richard & Susan Breisch in E3, Agra, and S22, Boulder Oaks
Jemila Bennett in Q12, Grossmont
Dan & Debi Bylin in H10, Jesmond Dene, and J12, Wild Animal Park
Orval Carter and Wayne Pray in H15, Pamo Valley N, and L19, Inaja/Cosmit
Andrea Compton, Karlene Neal, Mary Mosher, Joanne Moore, and Claude Edwards in P8, San Clemente Canyon
Thomas Dorman in T12, Sunnyside
Pete Famolaro in Q17, Hidden Glen
Robbie Fischer and Joe Morlan in G5, Wire Mt.
Pete Ginsburg in E8, San Luis Rey Heights
Pete Ginsburg, Bonnie Peterson, and Brian Foster in G4, Santa Margarita Estuary
Bill Haas, Pete Ginsburg, and Joni Ciarletta in I6, Agua Hedionda
Ed Hall in J22, Scissors Crossing, and K20, Julian S
Bill Haas, Ingri Quon, Tammy Conkle, Geoff Rogers, and Phil Unitt in O12, Sycamore Canyon
John & Beverly Hargrove in C11, Trujillo Creek
John & Beverly Hargrove and Bill Haas in D20, Lost Valley
Lori Hargrove in J29, Halfhill Dry Lake
Lori Hargrove, Art Morley, Paul Jorgensen, and Pete Famolaro in F23, Borrego Palm Canyon
Paul Jorgensen in D14, French Valley, and M21, Upper Green Valley
Ann & Tom Keenan, Richard Webster, and Geoff Rogers in M20, Cuyamaca Peak
Steve Kingswood in O16, El Capitan Reservoir
Margaret & Bert McIntosh in K15, Ramona NE
Phil Nelson in I25, San Felipe Narrows, and K21, Banner
Richard Payne, Kirsten Winter, and Charles van Tassel in M13, Iron Mt.
Nicole Perretta and Patricia Nance in R14, Jamacha
Leslie & Mark Polinsky in P7, La Jolla
Betty Siegel and Diane Jadlowski in N20, Cuyamaca West Mesa
Sue Smith in S21, Morena Creek
Sue Smith and David Au in J19, Wynola
Anna & David Stanton in N9, Los Peñasquitos Canyon
Bob Thériault in J23, Sentenac Canyon
Phil Unitt in O21, Upper Pine Valley Creek, and O22, Noble Canyon
Ed Wallace and Joe Worley in Q8, Bay Park
Ken Weaver in C6, De Luz Creek
Kirsten Winter in A5, Tenaja, and P18, Viejas Valley
Kirsten Winter, Sharon McKelvey, and Cindy Jones in M19, Sill Hill
Kirsten Winter, Charles van Tassel, and Freeman Hall in M9, McGonigle Canyon
Kirsten Winter, Charles van Tassel, and Anja & Gerard Kroon in N10, Miramar Reservoir

The threshold of between 33% and 50% of the number on the target list confirmed breeding, with all other criteria met, has been reached in 22 more squares. It's my pleasure to recognize...


Joe Barth in S16, Lee Valley, and S17, Lyons Valley
Joe Barth, Matt Sadowski, and Dave Seals in R18, Japatul Fire Station
Richard & Susan Breisch in U20, Potrero
Dan & Debi Bylin in H11, Burnt Mt.
Karin Forney and Ginger Rebstock in F27, Font's Point
C. C. Gorman, Rita Campbell, and Joni Ciarletta in K7, Encinitas
Ed Hall and Clark Mahrdt in E15, Mendenhall Valley
Ed Hall and Jim Zimmer in P23, Wooded Hill
John & Beverly Hargrove, Mike & Margaret Smith in F21, Los Coyotes
Ann & Tom Keenan and Claude Edwards in H20, San Felipe
Clark Mahrdt and Dick Barber in J14, Tim's Canyon
Margaret & Bert McIntosh in V19, Tecate
Karen Messer and Bob Turner, Anja & Gerard Kroon, Joe Barth, Matt Sadowski, and Phil Unitt in E14, Boucher Hill
Conrad Sankpill in E13, Nate Harrison Grade
Claudine Schork, Irja Graham, and Naomi Taylor in I8, Green Oaks Ranch
Mary Beth Stowe and Lucinda Navarre in P14, Lakeside
Bob Thériault in L24, Blair Valley
Ken Weaver in D15, Palomar Observatory
Ken Weaver and Clark Mahrdt in E21, Hot Springs Mt. E
Jim Wilson in L21, Chariot Canyon
Dennis Wysong and Shirley Grain in G7, Guajome

With a total of 40 squares now at the "one-third confirmed" threshold plus the 117 at the "one-half confirmed" threshold 33% of all squares have now been covered very thoroughly. Many more squares are lurking just under our threshold goals. In 32 additional squares over 50% of the target number have already been confirmed breeding--most of these squares are just short of the 25-hours-in-the-field criterion for their threshold to be reached. In 39 more squares beyond this over 33% of the target number has been confirmed. In 108 squares in addition to the 157 over the thresholds over 90% of the target number has been identified as at least possibly breeding, 80-90% in 70 more. Thus over two-thirds of all squares have already been covered fairly well--an achievement well within where we should be halfway through the project. When you consider too that we have substantial data from 452 of all 479 squares I hope you will agree with me that our progress has been phenomenal.

--Philip Unitt

Redhead chick sketch by Nicole Perretta

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