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Progress Report
Winter 1997

Even with the conclusion of our first breeding season, the San Diego Bird Atlas continues to make progress. We now stand at 244 observers, with 292 of 479 grid squares adopted (61%). We've received data from 824 field trips, covering 138 squares, and representing over 3300 hours in the field. Our database now contains over 22,000 records.

The arrival of breeding-season data has slowed to a trickle, though we know there are a number of you still out there with significant data -- especially among our participants who are professional biologists. While data entry is vastly more efficient from the daily field forms designed for the atlas, we will take anything you can give us, including xeroxes of field notes or reports. December would be an ideal time to get this last breeding-season data into our database, so please send whatever you have now.

--Philip Unitt

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