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Fall 1997

Confused? Don't Hesitate to Ask for Help
Correction: "PM" Symbol
WingDing at the WAP for Project Participants

Confused? Don't Hesitate to Ask for Help

Though we've received a lot of outstanding data so far, there are still quite a few of you we haven't yet heard from. Please take advantage of the lull in the fall to assemble your forms and send them in. Ann or Phil will call you to try to resolve any problems if you haven't contacted us by mid to late September. Ideally, we would like to get all the data from the 1997 breeding season entered into the computer by the time our first winter season begins in December. Confused over the forms and what to do with them? Call Ann or Phil at 619-232-3821 ext. 235, or send email to, and we'll be glad to help. It's less complicated than you think--as one participant said, "This is no more difficult than checking off the birds on your list." Don't forget to read the instruction book! It's all explained in there.

Please remember that if you complete the daily field forms the way they're designed data entry goes much more quickly. Don't waste your time trying to find creative ways to summarize your data. One daily field form per day will make our job easier. Complete the forms as soon as you're finished in the field for the day. Stop to relax and do the forms in a restaurant or coffee shop before you get home and the remainder of life's crises catch up with you. But if after reviewing the instruction book you find you've neglected something, don't worry. We'll be glad to work with whatever you send us. The only thing that will really invalidate your data is combining observations from multiple squares. Please, always use one daily field form for one square, even if you visit multiple squares on a single day.

Correction: "PM" Symbol

Have you been mystified by the meaning of the symbol "PM" appearing on your color habitat map and not mentioned in the instruction book? All of us have! No, it stands not for the Purple Martin but for pocket mice. A computer coding glitch resulted in a mammal slipping in with all the symbols for birds. Thanks to Pat Mock of Ogden for solving this mystery.

WingDing at the WAP for Project Participants

We are gathering our flock for a festive avian activity to celebrate our volunteers, give you a chance to socialize with each other in a beautiful location in North County, and prepare you for the upcoming winter watching season. The Wild Animal Park will be our host for a multi-faceted afternoon affair on Sunday, 28 September from 12f:00 to 5:00 p.m. (You may enter the Park as early as 9:00 a.m. that day if you'd like to come early and partake of the other WAP wonders.) There is a parking fee so we strongly advise carpooling.

We'll gather in the Benbough Bird Amphitheater by 12:30 p.m. for our own presentation on local birds. Don Stearner of the Condor Project will talk to us about the history and current status of the condor research. Bird Atlas Project Manager Phil Unitt will brief you on the details of the second season of the project.

Those interested, able and willing will be lead by Don up through the conifer forest to the cactus garden, from whence we can view the Condorminium and catch a glimpse of the giants in flight.

Then we'll meet at 3:00 p.m. in the Malawi Picnic Grove near the elephant amphitheater for a meal of hot dos, hamburgers and veggie burgers and a chance to mingle and talk with Phil and Ann. We have to be off the grounds by 5:00 p.m.

The WAP has agreed to discount admission by 50% (Zoo members get in free!), bringing the cost to $9.48. We need to know if you are not a member so we can issue you a discount coupon. Check in at the Main Gate when you arrive and get a special sticker to admit you to our private Bird Show and Picnic.

For the picnic, we are asking Bird Atlas Volunteers to pay $5 each, and $10 for guests. Please RSVP by 22 September by sending us number of attendees and a check made out to SDNHM for the food. (Please indicate if you want a veggie burger.)

We do hope you'll join us for this special Wingding! Questions? Call Ann Klovstad at 232-3821, ext. 235

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