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Summer 2002

WingDing Things
C-3 Award
After the Bird Atlas Listserver
Coming Up at the Museum

WingDing Things

Cactus Wren sketch for button by Nicole Perretta

The new wing of the San Diego Natural History Museum was the venue for the tenth and final WingDing on April 6th. Over 250 bird atlas participants, supporters and friends celebrated the end of the 5-year data collection period with wine, music and...bird calls?

Once everyone had gathered in the museum's theater, the lights dimmed and the spotlight was on our very own Nicole Perretta. Nicole showcased yet another of her remarkable talents and delighted the audience with her bird calls of the Common Raven, Cooper's Hawk, Acorn Woodpecker, Red-shouldered Hawk, even a White-winged Dove, among others.

Next, Phil Pryde treated us with his wonderful slide presentation on "The Art of Hummingbirds: Martin Johnson Heade and the "Gems of Brazil". Phil Unitt followed by summarizing the results of the final winter season, giving an overview of the past five years of the atlas project, and acknowledging the many bird atlas supporters in the audience.

Nicole's talents again took center stage when Ann Klovstad was presented with an original Nicole Perretta painting--a beautiful portrait of Ann's beloved blind Solomon Island Eclectus, Tehani. And Phil was presented with his own Perretta original--a Gray Vireo in an Elephant Tree. Mary Beth Stowe was the artist and wit behind two other presentations--personalized cartoons for Dale Clark, recognizing her efforts as our webmaster throughout the project, and for Nicole, acknowledging her wonderful illustrations in Wrenderings.

After the program, there was wine, music and plenty of great food in the atrium, and guests could wander through the exhibits on two different floors. Thanks to The Vision Band of the Braille Institute for providing the music, Behind the Scenes for the fantastic array of food, Best Beverage for the no-host bar, and especially to CalTrans for their support.

Thanks as always to the Road Crew--Joan Roberts, Barbara Moore, Cheryl Mann, Dorothy Green, Kathy Estey, and Barbara Anderson--for their invaluable help at the check-in table, and to Ronnie Schneider, the museum's Director of Special Events, for helping with all of the arrangements.

And now we can all look forward to the gala Publication Party sometime in 2003...

C-3 Award

On 19 May 2002, the San Diego County Bird Atlas received a great honor from San Diego's conservationists. The Citizens Coordinate for Century 3, through the hands of assemblywoman Christine Kehoe, bestowed on Phil Unitt its annual Revelle Award. C3 is one of San Diego's leading organizations encouraging sane civic planning, fighting urban sprawl, and promoting redevelopment of the inner city as the logical alternative. Past recipients include Senator Lucy Killea and Phil Pryde. Thanks to Diane Coombs for proposing the nomination, Phil Pryde and Jim Coatsworth for their sponsorship of it nomination, and to the many members of C3 for supporting it.

After the Bird Atlas Listserver

In the fall of 1999, thanks to the initiative of Mona Baumgartel and Joni Ciarletta, we instituted our own listserver as a way to increase communication among bird atlas participants. Over the past several years, it has been an invaluable tool for keeping our participants involved with the project. However, due to problems with viruses and spam messages, and the fact that the field phase of the bird atlas project had ended, we decided to shut it down.

There are two other listservers that focus on birding in our region. The first is SDBIRDS, run by Doug Aguillard, dealing with birding in San Diego and Imperial counties and northern Baja California. To subscribe, visit the website at The second is CALBIRDS, a discussion of wild birds and birdwatching in California. To subscribe, visit the website at

And, if you wish to stay in touch with other bird atlas participants and are willing to share your email address with the group, Joni has compiled a list of interested atlasers and already she is sharing birding information and opportunities with the group. To add your name, just send an email to Joni at no later than September 30th.

Many thanks to all of you who used the listserver over the years, and a very special thank you to Joni Ciarletta for her valuable contribution to our bird atlas project.

Coming Up at the Museum

Backyard Habitat Gardening, with the National Wildlife Federation. Class will focus on the essential components of NWF's Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program; field trip will visit a few certified backyard habitats in the county. Wednesday, November 20, 7-9 p.m.; field trip Saturday, November 23, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Museum members $59, nonmembers $69.

The Nature Conservancy: Working to Save San Diego's Last Great Places. Presentation by Scott Morrison, senior ecologist with TNC. Monday, December 9, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Museum members $6, nonmembers $8.

To become a museum member, please see membership information.
To register for a class, see how to register.

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