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Progress Report
Summer 2002

Since the last issue of Wrenderings, in the last days of February, the winter threshold was cleared in 11 more squares, bringing us to the final total of 467 squares cleared, 97.5% of the total. For such a great push at the end, often in some of the most difficult areas, in a very difficult year, we acknowledge

B4, Case Spring: Pete Ginsburg
C13, Eagle Crag: John & Beverly Hargrove, Bob Sanger & Kathy Williams, Jeff Wells
E4, Lower Las Pulgas Canyon: Pete Ginsburg, Barbara Bell, Phil Unitt, Lori Hargrove, Carrie Smith
E23, Henderson Canyon: Bob Thériault, Brennan Mulrooney, Mike Mathos, Joe Barth, Paul Jorgensen, Phil Unitt, Chuck Border
F5, Ysidora Basin: Pete Ginsburg, Robbie Fischer, Emmy Garnica, Barbara Moore
F22, San Ysidro Mt.: Joe Barth, Dave Seals, Brennan Mulrooney, Paul Jorgensen
I22, Grapevine Canyon: Phil Nelson, Ann & Tom Keenan
O26, Canebrake Canyon: Joe Barth, Jim Determan, Lori Hargrove
Q16, Loveland Reservoir: Jim Wilson, Lori Hargrove, Rich & Susan Breisch
R14, Jamacha: Nicole Perretta, Steve Cameron, Rich & Susan Breisch
S28, Carrizo Gorge: Rich & Susan Breisch, Frank Unmack, Phil Nelson, Jim Wilson

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