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Progress Report
Spring 2002

Map of winter progress

Winter Progress, February 2002

Black=Threshold cleared
Dark Gray=>90% of target number of species recorded
Light Gray=Data received
White: No data

Even though, at this writing, the winter is not quite over and we have not yet received all winter data, we have enough to say that our ultimate level of coverage for winter will be virtually the same as in the breeding season, with the threshold cleared in 95% of the squares. Even those few squares still short of their thresholds were covered well, with only two left with no data at all: as in the breeding season, C4, entirely within Camp Pendleton's Whiskey Impact Area, plus D13, entirely within the Pauma Indian Reservation. Though this is one square more than in the breeding season, I think we can still congratulate ourselves on the amazing thoroughness of our coverage. The advisory group and I decided that it was best to ensure we could reach the threshold in the squares where this was actually feasible rather than to divert our effort to difficult areas where our coverage could be no more than superficial.

Thanks very much again to our attack squad, which scoured the county plugging the holes of uncleared squares, even in the most difficult and desolate areas, so low on birds in this year of drought.

I'm delighted to have a long list of squares in which to acknowledge the phenomenal efforts of our faithful observers:

A3, White Oak Springs: Lori Hargrove, Barbara Bell, Jeff Wells, Kirsten Winter, Phil Unitt
A4, Cold Spring Canyon: Joe Barth, Jeff Wells, Kirsten Winter, Corey Ferguson, John & Beverly Hargrove
A5, Tenaja: Kirsten Winter, Joe Barth, John & Beverly Hargrove
B2, Talega Canyon: Phil Unitt, Sachiko Fukuman, Barbara Bell
B3, San Mateo Canyon: Joe Barth, Phil Unitt
B5, Margarita Peak: Bill Haas, Ed Hall, Jim Zimmer, John, Beverly, & Lori Hargrove
B7, Ross Lake: Ken Weaver
C3, Jardine Canyon: Phil Unitt, Joe Barth, Lori Hargrove
C6, De Luz Creek: Ken Weaver
C7, Sandia Canyon: Ken Weaver
C10, Mt. Olympus: Ken Weaver, Lori Hargrove, Dave Seals
C16, Oak Grove: Ken Weaver, Jim Wilson, Phil Unitt, Leslie & Mark Polinsky
C17, Dick Spring: Bert & Margaret McIntosh, Herb Stone, Paul Jorgensen, Phil Unitt, Lori, John, & Beverly Hargrove
C19, Chihuahua Valley E: Joe Barth, Kevin Burns, Ed Hall, Clark Mahrdt, Phil Unitt, John & Beverly Hargrove
C20, Bucksnort Mt.: Lori Hargrove, Pat Flanagan, Bob Sanger
C21, Alder Canyon: Lori Hargrove, Jim Determan, Bob Sanger, Paul Jorgensen, Brian Bothner
C23 Box Canyon (Coyote Cr.): Joe Barth, Kirsten Winter & Charles van Tassel, Dave Seals
C25, Clark Valley N: Herb Stone, Brennan Mulrooney, Joe Barth, Dave Seals, Paul Jorgensen
C28, Santa Rosa Mts. NE: Bob Thériault
D2, San Onofre Beach: Robbie Fischer, Joe Barth, Paul Jorgensen, Lori Hargrove, Lisa Ellis, Phil Unitt
D5, Upper Las Pulgas Canyon: Donna Gould, Rich & Susan Breisch, Geoff Rogers
D8, Live Oak Park: Marj Freda, Evelyn Ashton, Ken Weaver
D12, Wilderness Gardens: Barbara Orr, Ken Weaver, Gillian Moreland, Bill Haas
D15, Palomar Observatory: Ken Weaver, Jeff Wells, Kirsten Winter
D16, Rattlesnake Creek: Bob Sanger, Kathy Williams, Mike Mathos, Phil Unitt, Jeff Wells, Kirsten Winter, Jim Wilson
D18, Cow Canyon: Mary Beth Stowe, Allen Craft, Lori Hargrove, Bryan O'Leary, Phil Unitt
D19, Indian Flats: Kevin Burns, Jeff Wells, Joe Barth, Jim Determan, Jim Wilson, Lori Hargrove, Kirsten Winter
D21, Shingle Spring: Lori, John, & Beverly Hargrove, Paul Jorgensen, Bob Sanger, Jim Determan
D23, Lower Willows: Bonnie Peterson, Mel Gabel, Phil Pryde, Art Morley
D24, Alcoholic Pass: Brennan Mulrooney, Kirsten Winter, Charles van Tassel, Marjorie & Don Hastings, Phil Pryde, Royce Riggan
D27, Santa Rosa Mts. SW: Bob Thériault, Lori Hargrove, Joe Barth
D28, Santa Rosa Mts. SE: Lori Hargrove, Bob Thériault, Paul Jorgensen, Joe Barth
D29, Wonderstone Wash: Paul Jorgensen, Bob Thériault
E13, Nate Harrison Grade: Conrad Sankpill, Ed Hall, Paul Jorgensen, Rich Breisch, Jeff Wells, Kirsten Winter, Jim Zimmer, Phil Unitt
E16, Barker Valley: Jim Zimmer, Ed Hall, Royce Riggan, Ruth Bergstrom, Jeff Wells, Kirsten Winter
E17, Aguanga Ridge: James Barr, Jeff Wells, Andy Mauro, Joe Barth, Ed Wallace, Ed Hall, Jim Zimmer
E20, Hot Springs Mt. W: Ken Weaver, Clark Mahrdt
E22, Palm Mesa: Paul Jorgensen, Brennan Mulrooney, Joe Barth
E29, Big Wash: Joe Barth, Herb Stone, Paul Jorgensen
F4, Aliso Creek mouth: Barbara Moore, Barbara Anderson, Kathy Estey, Dorothy Green, Joan Roberts, Ann Klovstad, Cheryl Mann
F12, Cool Valley: Ed Hall, Andy Mauro, Phil Unitt, Shauna Wolf, Robert Patton, John & Beverly Hargrove
F17, West Fork San Luis Rey: Phil Unitt, Joe Barth, Tom Myers, Kirsten Winter, Claude Edwards, Geoff Rogers, Dick Barber
F20, Eagle's Nest: Maryanne Bache, John & Beverly Hargrove, Bryan O'Leary, Phil Unitt, Joe Barth, Kemer Thomson, Fred Sproul, Ken Weaver
F28, Ella Wash: Joe Barth, Shauna Wolf, Phil Unitt, Paul Jorgensen
F29, Microwave Relay Station: Charity Hagen, Joe Barth, Paul Jorgensen, Ginger Rebstock
G15, Pine Mt.: Kirsten Winter, Joni Ciarletta
G16, San Luis Rey Picnic Area: Bill Haas, Joni Ciarletta, Lori Hargrove, Dick Barber, Mary Beth Stowe
G19, Warner Ranch: Rich & Susan Breisch, Mary Beth Stowe, Phil Unitt, Ingri Quon, Robert Patton, Jim Wilson
G21, Ranchita: Bob Thériault, Ann & Tom Keenan, Phil Unitt, Tom Dorman, Mel Gabel, Barbara Bell
G27, Hills of the Moon Wash: Dave Seals, Joe Barth, Phil Nelson, Jim Wilson, Paul Jorgensen, Phil Unitt
G28, Fault Wash: Joe Barth, Brennan Mulrooney, Phil Unitt, Paul Jorgensen, Ginger Rebstock
H18, Moretti's Junction: Phil Unitt, Bert & Margaret McIntosh, Jim Wilson, Bill Haas
H21, Lithia Springs: Barbara Bell, Phil Unitt, Bob Thériault, Bill Haas
H22, Camel Rock: Paul Jorgensen, Joe Barth, Phil Unitt
H24, Yaqui Meadows: Phil Nelson
H26, Sleepy Hollow: Mel Gabel, Herb Stone
H27, Borrego Mt. West Butte: Mel Gabel, Herb Stone
H28, Borrego Mt. East Butte: Joe Barth, Paul Jorgensen
H29, Squaw Peak: Joe Barth, Jim Determan, Phil Unitt
I11, Escondido NE: Laura Hunter, Christine Rideout, Mona Baumgartel, Orval Carter, Barbara Moore, Jim Russell, Ed Hall
I16, Black Canyon: Kirsten Winter, Orval Carter, Mona Baumgartel, Joe Decanio, Tim Burr, Phil Unitt, Bob Sanger, Mary Beth Stowe
I17, Bloomdale Creek: Dave Seals, Ron & Linda Johnson, Ann & Tom Keenan, Ken Weaver
I18, Santa Ysabel Mission: Esther Jane McNeil, Ron & Linda Johnson, Mary Beth Stowe, Christine Rideout, Jim Coatsworth, Sue Smith
I25, San Felipe Narrows: Phil Nelson, Paulette Ache, Andy Mauro
I28, Ocotillo Wells: Joe Barth, Phil Unitt, Phil Nelson, Jim Wilson
I29, Ocotillo Badlands: Joe Barth, Phil Unitt
J16, Sutherland Lake W: Kemer Thomson, John Lovio, Jeff Wells, Joni Ciarletta
J17, Sutherland Lake E: Jim Zimmer, Ed Hall
J21, San Felipe Valley S: Phil Nelson
J24, Chuckwalla Wash: Joe Barth, Jim Wilson, Steve Cameron, Ann & Tom Keenan
J26, Sunset Mt.: Paul Jorgensen, Brennan Mulrooney, Joe Barth, Jim Determan, Mark Hoefer
J27, Vallecito Mts. NE: Joe Barth, Dave Seals, Phil Unitt
J28, Bendire's Thrasher: Joe Barth, Phil Unitt
K14, Ramona NW: Keith Smeltzer, Gerard & Anja Kroon, Jeff Lincer
K16, Hatfield Creek: Gerard & Anja Kroon, Geoff Rogers, Rich & Susan Breisch, Joni Ciarletta
K18, Dye Mt.: Bob Sanger, Kathy Williams, Jeff Wells, Kirsten Winter
K19, Pine Hills: Mary Beth Stowe, Sue Smith, Ann & Tom Keenan, Ron Warren, Joni Ciarletta, Virginia Moran
K22, Granite Mt.: Ann & Tom Keenan, Brennan Mulrooney
K25, Pinyon Mts.: Bob Thériault, Brennan Mulrooney, Joe Barth
K26, Pinyon Canyon: Mark Hoefer, Brennan Mulrooney, Phil Unitt, Joe Barth
K27, Harper Flat: Joe Barth, Dave Seals, Mark Hoefer
K28, Starfish Cove: Lori Hargrove, Maryanne Bache, Ginger Rebstock, Bob Sanger, Jim Zimmer, Mark Hoefer, Dave Seals, Kathy Williams, Jim Determan, Phil Unitt
L15, Ramona SE: Andy Mauro, Phil Unitt
L16, San Vicente Valley: James Barr, Michael & Susan Cassidy, Bert & Margaret McIntosh, Rich & Susan Breisch
L22, Oriflamme Canyon: Bob Thériault, Paul Jorgensen, Joe Barth
L26, Hapaha Flat: Joe Barth, Bill Everett
L27, Mud Palisades: Joe Barth, Dave Seals, Brennan Mulrooney
L28, Mollusk Wash: Dave Seals, Joe Barth, Brian Bothner, Brennan Mulrooney
L29, Split Mt.: Dave Seals, Joe Barth, Paul Jorgensen
M12, Poway E: Phoenix von Hendy, Bert & Margaret McIntosh, Kirsten Winter
M15, Cañada de San Vicente: Phil Lambert, Jerry Smith, Bill Haas
M17, Isham Creek: Bob Sanger, Kathy Williams, Dave Seals
M18, Devil's Punchbowl: Bob Sanger, Kirsten Winter, Lori Hargrove, Phil Unitt
M19, Sill Hill: Kirsten Winter, Joe Barth
M28, Fish Creek Wash W: Joe Barth, Brennan Mulrooney
M29, Fish Creek Wash E: Joe Barth, Phil Unitt, Paul Jorgensen
N13, Slaughterhouse Canyon: Rich & Susan Breisch, Oz Osborn
N15, Barona: Nola Lamken, Bob Sanger, Jerry Smith
N16, El Cajon Mt.: Joe Barth, Dave Seals, Jeff Wells, Kirsten Winter
N17, Sand Creek: Joe Barth, Dave Seals, Phil Unitt
N22, Filaree Flat: Geoff Rogers
N24, The Potrero: Nancy Nicolai, Ed Hall, Jim Zimmer, Geoff Rogers, Robert Patton, Virginia Moran, Rich Breisch, Phil Unitt, Joe Barth
N25, Inner Pasture: Ann & Tom Keenan, Joe Barth, Brennan Mulrooney, Ginger Rebstock, Shauna Wolf, Robert Patton
N26, Tierra Blanca: Joe Barth, Mike Mathos, Phil Unitt, Robert Patton, Paul Jorgensen, Brennan Mulrooney
N29, Deguynos Canyon: Joe Barth
O10, Miramar Central: Gary Grantham, Bill Haas, Joe Barth
O14, Wildcat Canyon: Mary Beth Stowe
O17, Viejas Mt.: Phil Unitt, Joe Barth, Claude Edwards, Jeff Wells
O18, Poser Mt.: Kirsten Winter, Lori Hargrove
O19, Hulburd Grove: Candy Anderson, Kirsten Winter, Lori Hargrove, Phil Unitt
O23, Mt. Laguna: Cheryl Mann, Ann Klovstad, Ed Hall, Jim Zimmer, Phil Unitt
O28, Bow Willow: Paul Jorgensen, Ed Hall, Phil Nelson, Pete Famolaro, Ann & Tom Keenan
O29, Carrizo Marsh: Mark Jorgensen, Paul Jorgensen
P8, San Clemente Canyon: Andrea Compton, Barbara Marino, Kamal Muilenburg, Phil Unitt, Leslie & Mark Polinsky, Mary Mosher
P16, Galloway Valley: Gail Sabbadini, Phil Unitt, Kirsten Winter
P17, Alpine: Claude Edwards, Kirsten Winter, Mary Beth Stowe, Phil Unitt
P19, Descanso: Phil Unitt, Jeff Wells, Kirsten Winter, Mary Beth Stowe
P20, Guatay Mt.: Phil Unitt, Jim Wilson, Phil Nelson, Lori Hargrove, Oz Osborn, Betty Siegel, Matt Sadowski, Leslie Polinsky
P23, Wooded Hill: Ed Hall, Jim Zimmer
P24, Cuyapaipe: Dave Seals, Ed Hall, Jim Zimmer
P25, Pepperwood Trail: Lori Hargrove, Brennan Mulrooney, Joe Barth
P27, Egg Mt.: David Seay, Phil Nelson, Jim Wilson, Frank Unmack, Brennan Mulrooney, Phil Unitt
P29, Canyon sin Nombre: Gerard & Anja Kroon, Joe Barth, Rich Breisch
Q17, Hidden Glen: Pete Famolaro, Rich & Susan Breisch, Mary Beth Stowe
Q18, Japatul Valley: Kirsten Winter, Jim Wilson, Matt Sadowski, Phil Nelson, Oz Osborn, Phil Unitt, Rich & Susan Breisch
Q19, Horsethief Canyon: Phil Unitt, Margaret McIntosh, Dave Seals, Oz Osborn
Q20, Pine Creek Wilderness: Geoff Rogers, Bill Haas, Rich & Susan Breisch, Robert Patton, Joe Barth
Q21, Long Valley Creek: Ann & Tom Keenan, Barbara Moore, Phil Unitt, Geoff Rogers, Frank Unmack
Q23, Cibbets Flat: Claude Edwards, Joe Barth, Lori Hargrove, Jeff Wells
Q24, Thing Valley: Joe Barth, Jeff Wells, Phil Unitt
Q28, Jojoba Wash: Gerard & Anja Kroon, Paul Jorgensen, Herb Stone
R17, Lawson Valley: Joe Barth, Mary Beth Stowe, Kemer Thomson, Phil Unitt
R18, Japatul Fire Station: Dave Povey, Rich & Susan Breisch, Joe Barth
R19, Espinosa Creek: Joe Barth, Geoff Rogers, Lori Hargrove, Rich & Susan Breisch, Ann & Tom Keenan
R21, Long Valley: Phil Unitt, Bert McIntosh, Gale Bustillos, Ed Hall, Bill Haas, Barbara Moore, Frank Unmack
R22, Cottonwood Valley: Phil Unitt, Jeff Wells, Rich & Susan Breisch, Mike Evans
R27, Redondo Flat: Lori Hargrove, Joe Barth, Ginger Rebstock, Phil Unitt, Brennan Mulrooney, Ed Hall, Jim Zimmer, Shauna Wolf
R29, Dos Cabezas Mine: Joe Barth, Phil Unitt, Lori Hargrove, Bob Sanger, Ed Hall, Jim Zimmer
S12, Sweetwater Reservoir: Pete Famolaro, Tom Dorman
S13, San Miguel Mt.: Pete Famolaro, Tom Dorman, Phil Unitt
S18, Wilson Creek: Rich & Susan Breisch, Jeff Wells, Jim Hannan
S20, Hauser Wilderness: Joe Barth, Dave Seals, Jeff Wells, Rich & Susan Breisch
S23, La Posta: Lori Hargrove, Ed Hall, Clark Mahrdt, Orval Carter
S24, Miller Valley: Lori Hargrove, Bert & Margaret McIntosh
T14, Proctor Valley: Phil Unitt
T15, Rancho Jamul: Phil Nelson, Bert & Margaret McIntosh, Jim Wilson, Jim Determan, Phil Unitt
T18, Rattlesnake Canyon: Phil Unitt, Joe Barth, Lori Hargrove, Jeff Wells
T19, McAlmond Canyon: Joe Barth, John & Beverly Hargrove, Ed Hall, Rich & Susan Breisch
T20, Round Potrero: Lori Hargrove, Dave Seals, Jeff Wells
T23, La Posta Microwave: Lori Hargrove, Betty Siegel, Ed Hall, Clark Mahrdt, Orval Carter, Rich & Susan Breisch
T25, Hill Valley: Ed Hall, Jim Zimmer, Clark Mahrdt, Phil Unitt, Royce Riggan
T29, In-Ko-Pah: Betty Siegel, Frank Unmack, Lori Hargrove
U13, Lower Otay Lake W: Viviane Marquez, Phil Unitt, Bert & Margaret McIntosh, Todd Stands, Joe Barth
U14, Lower Otay Lake E: Sean Buchanan, Oz Osborn, Todd Stands, Phil Unitt, Bert & Margaret McIntosh
U15, Otay Mt. N: Joe Barth, John Hammond, Kirsten Winter, Ann & Tom Keenan
U18, Barrett Junction: Phil Unitt, John & Beverly Hargrove, Geoff Rogers, Viviane Marquez
U19, Potrero Peak: Bert & Margaret McIntosh
U21, Hauser Mt.: Phil Unitt, Jim Determan, Rich Breisch, Lori Hargrove, Andy Mauro, Shauna Wolf
V13, Otay Mesa E: Phil Unitt, Bill Haas
V15, Otay Mt. S: Joe Barth, Lori Hargrove, Phil Unitt
V16, Mine Canyon: Dave Seals, Jim Wilson, Mike Mathos, Phil Unitt
V17, Little Tecate Peak: Ed Hall, Jim Zimmer, Clark Mahrdt, Geoff Rogers, Ann & Tom Keenan
V18, Tecate Peak: Dave Seals, Ann & Tom Keenan, Phil Unitt
V19, Tecate: Bert & Margaret McIntosh, Dave Seals, Ann & Tom Keenan

--Philip Unitt

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