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Progress Report
Summer 2001

map of winter data received, May 15 2001

Winter data received, May 15, 2001

Black=Threshold cleared
Dark Gray= 90% of target number recorded
Light Gray=Data received
(see larger map)

map of breeding data received, 15 May 2001

Breeding data received, 15 May 2001

Black=Threshold cleared (50% of target number confirmed)
Dark Gray=Threshold cleared (33% of target number confirmed)
Light Gray=Data received
(see larger map)

Thanks to a massive effort by a huge fraction of our participants, the dominoes are now falling fast. As of mid-May 2001, the threshold for the breeding season had been cleared in 328 squares, 68% of the total. If we include those squares meeting all the criteria for the threshold with at least one third of the target number of species confirmed breeding, we are up to 395, 82%. And at least 90% target number of species has been found possibly breeding in 451 squares, 94%. Because the data are coming in so fast during the peak of the breeding season, more thresholds are being cleared every day and it's impossible to present the status in real time.

In any case, uur complementary strategies of adopting squares, attack squad, blockbuster weekends, and contract-funded field assistants are now paying off handsomely. Notice in particular that nearly every square in the Anza-Borrego Desert is now cleared, thanks first of all to Paul Jorgensen for arranging the contract through the state parks as well as his huge effort in the field, and the critical contributions of Bob Thériault and Phil Nelson, among others.

For thresholds cleared in breeding season, we recognize

C22, Collins Valley: Paul Jorgensen
D6, Middle Santa Margarita: Barbara Kus, Jeff Wells, Jennifer Turnbull, Peter Beck, Bill Haas, Dave Seals
D22, Sheep Canyon: Paul Jorgensen, Pete Famolaro
D24, Alcoholic Pass: Rich & Susan Breisch, Jim Zimmer, Ed Hall, Ken Weaver, Kirsten Winter, Brennan Mulrooney, Dave Seals, Phil Unitt
D26, Clark Valley Central: Phil Nelson, Joe Barth
D27, Santa Rosa Mts. SW: Bob Thériault, Joe Barth, Lori Hargrove
D28, Santa Rosa Mts. SE: Lori Hargrove, Bob Thériault, Joe Barth
D29, Wonderstone Wash: Bob Thériault, Paul Jorgensen
E17, Aguanga Ridge: Jim Zimmer, Ed Hall, Clark Mahrdt, James Barr, Joe Barth, Jeff Wells, Kirsten Winter, Geoff Rogers
E18, Puerta la Cruz: Phil Nelson, Ann & Tom Keenan, Phil Unitt, Lori Hargrove
E23, Henderson Canyon: Bob Thériault, Lori Hargrove
E25, Coyote Mt.: Paulette Ache, Ken Weaver, Phil Nelson
E27, Clark Valley SE: Bob Thériault, Paul Jorgensen, Dave Seals, Joe Barth
E29, Big Wash: Joe Barth, Herb Stone, Paul Jorgensen
F9, Moosa Canyon: Jane Evans, Ed Hall
F18, Swan Lake: Claude Edwards, Ginger Rebstock, Mike Mathos, Phil Unitt, Phil Nelson
F26, Peg Leg E: Betty Siegel, Paulette Ache, Shauna Wolf, Dave Seals, Mary Beth Stowe
F28, Ella Wash: Dave Seals, Lori Hargrove, Ken Weaver
F29, Microwave Relay Station: Charity Hagen
G10, Oat Hills: Jim Zimmer, Ed Hall, Phil Nelson
G17, Lake Henshaw: Rich & Susan Breisch, Phil Unitt, Claude Edwards
G18, Matagual Creek: Phil Nelson, Mike Evans, Todd Stands, Susan Yamagata, Geoff Rogers, Claude Edwards
G27, Hills of the Moon Wash: Joe Barth, Geoff Rogers, Ginger Rebstock, Dave Seals
G28, Fault Wash: Dave Seals, Brennan Mulrooney, Phil Unitt
H17, Mesa Grande: Margaret McIntosh, Phil Unitt, Carol & Jerry Manning
H18, Moretti's Junction: Claude Edwards, Joe Barth, Phil Unitt
H19, Matagual Valley: Dave Seals, Barbara Bell, Mona Baumgartel, Andy Mauro, Phil Unitt
H22, Camel Rock: Paul Jorgensen, Joe Barth, Phil Unitt
H24, Yaqui Meadows: Phil Nelson
H28, Borrego Mt. East Butte: Joe Barth, Paul Jorgensen, Ginger Rebstock
H29, Squaw Peak: Joe Barth, Phil Unitt
I12, Bottle Peak: Christine Rideout, Jim Zimmer
I17, Bloomdale Creek: Dave Seals
I21, San Felipe Valley N: Jim Zimmer, Bill Haas
I27, Cactus Garden: Phil Nelson, Dave Seals
I28, Ocotillo Wells: Joe Barth, Lori Hargrove, Bob Miller, Phil Unitt
I29, Ocotillo Badlands: Phil Unitt, Joe Barth, Bob Miller
J13, San Pasqual: Debi & Dan Bylin, Margaret & Bert McIntosh
J24, Chuckwalla Wash: Leslie & Mark Polinsky, Steve Cameron, Joe Barth, Geoff Rogers
K6, Moonlight Beach: Joni Ciarletta, C. C. Gorman, Phil Unitt
K22, Granite Mt.: Ann & Tom Keenan, Lori Hargrove, Joe Barth, Dave Seals
K25, Pinyon Mts.: Bob Thériault, Dave Seals, Joe Barth, Brennan Mulrooney
K27, Harper Flat: Joe Barth, Paul Jorgensen, Dave Seals
L13, Mt. Woodson: Phoenix von Hendy, Claude Edwards, Kirsten Winter
L15, Ramona SE: Andy Mauro
L22, Oriflamme Canyon: Bob Thériault, Joe Barth, Brennan Mulrooney, Phil Unitt
L23, Box Canyon: Dick Lantz, Betty Siegel, Phil Nelson
L26, Hapaha Flat: Joe Barth, Dave Seals
L27, Mud Palisades: Dave Seals, Brennan Mulrooney
L28, Mollusk Wash: Dave Seals, Lori Hargrove, Brennan Mulrooney
L29, Split Mountain: Mark Hoefer, Ginger Rebstock, Karin Forney, Joe Barth
M8, San Dieguito Valley: Phil Unitt, Linda & Ron Johnson, Margaret & Bert McIntosh
M14, Fernbrook: Bonnie Hendricks, Dave Seals, Julie Savary
M24, Vallecito Valley: Phil Nelson, Betty Siegel, Judy Aguirre, Joe Barth, Bob Thériault, Paul Jorgensen
M28, Fish Creek Wash W: Dave Seals, Joe Barth, Brennan Mulrooney, Phil Unitt
M29, Fish Creek Wash E: Joe Barth, Dave Seals
N13, Slaughterhouse Canyon: Rich & Susan Breisch, Claude Edwards, Kirsten Winter
N24, The Potrero: Joe Barth, Phil Unitt, Nancy Nicolai
N25, Inner Pasture: Ann & Tom Keenan, Dave Seals, Joe Barth, Brennan Mulrooney
N29, Deguynos Canyon: Joe Barth, Phil Unitt
O10, Miramar Central: Gary Grantham, Tammy Conkle, Geoff Rogers
O13, Eucalyptus Hills: Oz Osborn, Dave Seals
O18, Poser Mt.: Kirsten Winter, Lori Hargrove
P12, Santee: Ed Post, Oz Osborn, Claude Edwards, Barbara Moore, Brennan Mulrooney, Frances Shaw
P15, Harbison Canyon: Richard Roedell, Oz Osborn, Ed Wallace, Claude Edwards
P17, Alpine: Claude Edwards, Kirsten Winter, Margaret McIntosh, Phil Unitt
P19, Descanso: Margaret & Bert McIntosh, Rick Schiller, Dave Seals, Phil Unitt
P28, Sweeney Pass: Phil Nelson, Jim Wilson, Dave Seals, Joe Barth
P29, Canyon sin Nombre: Dave Seals, Joe Barth, Brennan Mulrooney, Paul Jorgensen, Mike Mathos, Fred Belinsky, Phil Unitt
Q20, Pine Creek Wilderness: Kirsten Winter, Ginger Rebstock, Geoff Rogers
R27, Redondo Flat: Lori Hargrove, Paul Jorgensen, Ginger Rebstock, Bob Sanger, Bryan O'Leary
R29, Dos Cabezas Mine: Ginger Rebstock, Phil Nelson, Brennan Mulrooney, Dave Seals, Joe Barth, Lori Hargrove
S8, North Island: Robert Patton
S29, Dos Cabezas Spring: Arnold Young, Ann & Tom Keenan, Joe Barth, Andy Mauro, Phil Unitt
T14, Proctor Valley: Phil Unitt
T15, Rancho Jamul: Jim Wilson, Frank Unmack, Viviane Marquez, Phil Unitt
T17, Mother Grundy Peak: Phil Nelson, Dave Seals, Lori Hargrove, Shauna Wolf, Phil Unitt
T18, Rattlesnake Canyon: Phil Unitt, Lori Hargrove
T28, Arsenic Spring: Frank Unmack, Jim Wilson
T29, In-ko-pah: Betty Siegel, Dave Seals, Phil Unitt
U13, Lower Otay Lake W: Viviane Marquez, Pat Walsh, Todd Stands, Susan Yamagata, Phil Unitt
U28, Jacumba: Frank Unmack, Jim Wilson, Phil Nelson, Claude Edwards, Phil Unitt
U29, SE Corner: Frank Unmack, Jim Wilson, Phil Unitt
V12, Otay Mesa W: Pat Walsh, Phil Unitt, Geoff Rogers
V13, Otay Mesa E: Phil Unitt, Geoff Rogers

Looking back to winter, we see enormous progress since the last issue of Wrenderings as well. The winter threshold is cleared in 58 more squares, for a total of 293, or 61%. In 393 squares, 82%, the goals for number of species have already been met, so these squares need just a few more hours or a visit in a third year for all criteria for their threshold to be met. We are poised for nearly complete coverage of the entire county at the project's end.

For these winter thresholds, congratulations and thanks to...

C2, San Onofre Creek: Steve Brad, Lucy Lee, Lori Hargrove, Joe Barth
C5, Roblar Creek: Barbara Kus, Lori Hargrove, Dave Seals
C12, Agua Tibia: Jim Determan
C15, Dameron Valley: Ken Weaver
C22, Collins Valley: Paul Jorgensen
C24, Butler Canyon: Kirsten Winter, Charles van Tassel, Bob Thériault, Dave Seals, Shannon Peters
D3, Horno Canyon: Rich & Susan Breisch, Donna Gould, Kaaren Perry, Geoff Rogers,
D6, Middle Santa Margarita: Barbara Kus, Pete Ginsburg, Geoff Rogers, Phil Unitt
D7, Fallbrook: Ken Weaver
D22, Sheep Canyon: Paul & Evan Jorgensen, Art Morley
D25, Clark Valley W: Kirsten Winter, Charles van Tassel, Ed Post
E11, Pala Mt.: Dave Seals, Maryanne Bache, Kathy Aldern
E12, Pauma Valley: Robert Patton, Shauna Wolf, Andy Mauro, Mary Mosher, Kylie Fischer, Joe Barth
E15, Mendenhall Valley: Ed Hall, Clark Mahrdt, Dave Seals, Kirsten Winter
E25, Coyote Mt.: Paulette Ache, Phil Nelson, Paul Jorgensen
E27, Clark Valley SE: Bob Thériault, Andy & Kathy Mauro, Joe Barth
F10, Lilac: John & Beverly Hargrove, Phil Nelson, Joni Ciarletta, Bryan O'Leary, Sue Berg, Phil Unitt
F11, Keys Creek: Jim Zimmer, Phil Nelson, Margaret & Bert McIntosh, Phil Unitt
F26, Peg Leg E: Betty Siegel, Richard Payne, Paul Jorgensen, Phil Unitt
F27, Font's Point: Ginger Rebstock, Karin Forney
G9, Merriam Mts.: Mona Baumgartel, Margaret & Bert McIntosh, Carol Manning, Linda Holt, Jim Clements
G10, Oat Hills: Ed Hall, Jim Zimmer, Geoff Rogers
G12, Valley Center E: Andy Mauro, Todd Stands, Susan Yamagata, Phil Nelson, Phil Unitt
G26, Borrego Sink Wash: John Fitch, Jim Wilson, Brennan Mulrooney
H11, Burnt Mt.: Andy Mauro, Mary Beth Stowe, Barbara Bell, Laura Hunter, Barbara Moore
I13, Rockwood Canyon: Orval Carter, Clark Mahrdt, Phil Unitt, Linda & Ron Johnson
I27, Cactus Garden: Phil Nelson, Andy & Kathy Mauro, Joe Barth, Phil Unitt
K6, Moonlight Beach: Joni Ciarletta, Emmy Garnica
K17, Ballena Valley: Orval Carter, Joe Decanio, Dave Seals
K21, Banner: Phil Nelson, Jim Wilson, Paul Jorgensen
K23, Earthquake Valley W: Gerald Sanders, Ann & Tom Keenan, Joe Barth
L18, Mildred Falls: Wayne Pray, Orval Carter, Jim Wilson
L23, Box Canyon: Dick Lantz, Steve Cameron, Betty Siegel, Joe Barth
M14, Fernbrook: Bill Haas, Bonnie Hendricks, Dave Seals, Margaret McIntosh, Phil Unitt
M16, San Vicente Mt.: James Barr, Brennan Mulrooney, Geoff Rogers, Jeff Wells
M24, Vallecito Valley: Phil Nelson, Betty Siegel, Judy Aguirre, Phil Unitt
M27, June Wash: Bob Thériault
N12, Goodan Ranch: Margaret & Bert McIntosh, Bill Haas
N14, San Vicente Reservoir: Oz Osborn, Rich & Susan Breisch, Phil Lambert
N21, Cuyamaca East Mesa: John Fitch, Paul Jorgensen
O7, Torrey Pines: David Seay
O12, Sycamore Canyon: Ingri Quon, Bill Haas, Rich & Susan Breisch, Mary Beth Stowe
O16, El Capitan Reservoir: Steve Kingswood, Jim Wilson
O27, Well of Eight Echoes: Phil Pryde, Geoff Rogers, Phil Nelson, Lori Hargrove
P11, Mission Gorge: Ed Post, Gary Grantham, Jan Harrell
P14, Lakeside: Mary Beth Stowe, Claude Edwards
P15, Harbison Canyon: Oz Osborn, Richard Roedell, Claude Edwards, Phil Unitt
P26, Sombrero Peak: Phil Pryde, Ann & Tom Keenan, Brennan Mulrooney, Phil Nelson
Q7, Pacific Beach: Leslie & Mark Polinsky, Ed Wallace
Q10, Grantville: Phil Unitt, Oz Osborn
Q29, Volcanic Hills: Gerard & Anja Kroon
R15, McGinty Mt.: Phil Unitt, Bill Haas
R16, Sycuan Peak: Phil Unitt, Joe Barth, Brennan Mulrooney
S14, Steele Canyon:
T26, Boulevard: Frank Unmack, Dave Seals, Phil Unitt
U16, Donohoe Mt.: Andy Mauro, Steve Cameron, John, Beverly, & Lori Hargrove, Joe Barth, John Hammond
U28, Jacumba: Frank Unmack
U29, SE Corner: Frank Unmack

--Philip Unitt

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