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Progress Report
Spring 2001

map of winter data received, 12 February 2001

Winter data received, 12 February 2001

Black=Threshold cleared
Dark Gray= 90% of target number recorded
Light Gray=Data received
(see larger map)

map of breeding data received, 12 February 2001

Breeding data received, 12 February 2001

Black=Threshold cleared (50% of target number confirmed)
Dark Gray=Threshold cleared (33% of target number confirmed)
Light Gray=Data received
(see larger map)

Our progress in the project's fourth of five winters has been outstanding. Writing even before the season is over and all the data are in, I can report that the winter threshold has been cleared in 74 more squares, bringing us to 231 with the winter threshold cleared, or 48%. What's more, a much larger number are set up for easy clearing in the final winter. Already the goal for number of species has been met in 120 additional squares, most of which need so few more hours that a single field trip in a third winter will suffice to put them over the top. Only 60 squares of the 479 are still at under 80% of their winter target number of species, and in several cases this is because the target number was inappropriately high. I am reviewing these and adjusting the lists on the basis of the habitats actually in them.

Many of the squares we have to recognize for winter thresholds cleared in this issue are ones covered on our blockbuster weekends, by Christmas bird counts, by our field assistants, and by our attack force, as well as by adopting observers. So for many squares we acknowledge several people. This spotlights how much of a team effort the San Diego County Bird Atlas is, and how multiple complementary strategies are critical to our effort.

Congratulations and thanks to...

B6, De Luz Creek: Ken Weaver, Bill Haas
C1, San Mateo Point: Margaret Lesinsky, Lisa Ellis, John & Beverly Hargrove, Mary Beth Stowe
C9, Rainbow: Ken Weaver, Dave Seals, Joni Ciarletta
C14, Cutca Valley, John & Beverly Hargrove
C18, Chihuahua Valley W: Jim Wilson, Margaret & Bert McIntosh, Andy Mauro, Hank Ingersoll, Nova Fraser, Pat Flanagan, Joe Barth, Phil Unitt
C29, Travertine Palms Wash: Bob ThÈriault
D9, Monserate Mt.: Ed Hall
D14, French Valley: Paul Jorgensen, Kirsten Winter, John Hargrove D17, Sunshine Summit: Jim Wilson, Hank Ingersoll, John Fitch D20, Lost Valley, John & Beverly Hargrove D26, Clark Valley Central: Ed Post, Phil Nelson, Brennan Mulrooney
E5, Camp Pendleton Airfield: Pete Ginsburg, Barbara Bell, Slader Buck
E7, Morro Hill N: Pete Ginsburg
E8, San Luis Rey Heights: Pete Ginsburg
E9, Pala Mesa: Carol & Dennis Wysong, Carol Manning, Ed Hall, Patti Raffelson
E14, Boucher Hill: John & Beverly Hargrove, Andy Mauro, Jim Wilson, Geoff Rogers, Ed Hall, Phil Unitt
E18, Puerta La Cruz: Ann & Tom Keenan, Phil Nelson, Rich & Susan Breisch, Nova Fraser, Mary Beth Stowe, Ed Wallace, Jeff Wells
E28, Palo Verde Canyon: Paul Jorgensen, Herb Stone
F9, Moosa Canyon: Jane Evans, Ed Hall
F13, Rincon: Sue Berg, Mary Mosher, Joe Barth, Geoff Rogers
F15, La Jolla Amago: Sue Berg, Ingri Quon, Bill Haas, Joe Barth, Dave Seals
F18, Swan Lake: Geoff Rogers, Don Adams, Joe Barth, Mike Mathos
F21, Los Coyotes: John & Beverly Hargrove
G18, Matagual Creek: Claude Edwards, Margaret & Bert McIntosh, Phil Unitt
G22, Chimney Rock: Paul Jorgensen, Mel Gabel, Joe Barth, Geoff Rogers
H13, Bear Valley: Wayne Pray, Christine Rideout, Linda & Ron Johnson, Oz Osborn, Laura Hunter, Ron Forster, Bill Hunter
H16, Gem Hill: Ed Hall, Jim Zimmer, John McColm
H17, Mesa Grande: Ken Weaver, Margaret & Bert McIntosh, Lori Hargrove, Ed Hall
H19, Matagual Valley: Royce Riggan, Robert Patton
I8, Green Oak Ranch: Claudine Schork, Irja Graham, Shirley Grain
I10, Escondido NW: Ed Hall
J25, Mescal Bajada: Margaret & Bert McIntosh
K24, Earthquake Valley E: Bill Graffius, Shauna Wolf, Nova Fraser, Brennan Mulrooney, Phil Unitt
K29, Elephant Tree: Mark Hoefer, Lori Hargrove
L24, Blair Valley: Bob ThÈriault
L25, Whale Peak: Bob ThÈriault
M9, McGonigle Canyon: Kirsten Winter
M13, Iron Mt.: Kirsten Winter, Margaret & Bert McIntosh
M22, Oriflamme Mt.: Paul Jorgensen, Joe Barth, Geoff Rogers
M23, Butterfield Ranch: Herb Williams, Phil Nelson
M25, Vallecito Stage Station: Mark & Paul Jorgensen, Ann Klovstad, Bob ThÈriault
N23, Garnet Peak: Kirsten Winter, Bill Graffius, Jeff Wells
N27, Palm Spring: Rich & Susan Breisch
N28, Arroyo Seco del Diablo: Rich & Susan Breisch
O11, Miramar E: Gary Grantham, Geoff Rogers
O21, Upper Pine Valley Creek: Phil Unitt
O22, Noble Canyon: Phil Unitt
O24, Stephenson Peak: Nancy Nicolai, Joe Barth
P9, Kearny Mesa: Tom Myers, Kerry Kenwood, Tammy Conkle
P18, Viejas Valley: Kirsten Winter
P22, Scove Canyon: Phil Unitt
P28, Sweeney Pass: Margaret & Bert McIntosh, Andy Mauro, Frank Unmack, Brennan Mulrooney
Q13, El Cajon: Karlene Neal
Q15, Dehesa: Arnold Young, Phil Unitt
Q25, Cottonwood Campground: Nancy Nicolai, Margaret & Bert McIntosh, Geoff Rogers
Q26, Rockhouse Canyon: Phil Unitt, Mike Mathos, Ann & Tom Keenan, Joe Barth
R8, Old Town: Ann Klovstad, Barbara Moore
R11, Lemon Grove: Art & Dorothy Hester, Mary Beth Stowe, Ed Wallace
R24, Simmons Canyon: Jane Larson, Ann & Tom Keenan, Margaret & Bert
McIntosh, Joe Barth, Jeff Wells
R25, Manzanita Reservation: Andy Mauro, Kirsten Winter, Joe Barth, Jim Wilson, Lori Hargrove, Geoff Rogers, Tim Cass
R26, Lost Valley: John, Beverly, & Lori Hargrove, Jim Wilson, Frank Unmack, Shauna Wolf, Rich Breisch, Andy Mauro, Joe Barth
S15, Jamul: Catherine Woodruff, Phil Pryde, John & Beverly Hargrove, Mike Mathos, Phil Unitt, Ed Post, Don Hastings, Tony Mercieca
S16, Lee Valley: Joe Barth, Phil Unitt, Christine Rideout
S19, Barrett Lake: Rich & Susan Breisch, Jim Hannan
S25, Live Oak Springs: Wendy Dallas, Bob Vinton, Rich & Susan Breisch, Bryan O'Leary, Phil Unitt, Dave Seals
S26, McCain Valley: Frank Unmack, Jim Wilson, Phil Nelson, Dave Seals
S27, Sacotone Spring: Jim Wilson, Frank Unmack, Dave Seals, Andy Mauro, Geoff Rogers, Joe Barth
S29, Dos Cabezas Spring: Arnold Young, Ann & Tom Keenan, Phil Unitt
T16, Dulzura: Rich & Susan Breisch, Dave Povey, Andy Mauro, Mary Beth Stowe
T17, Mother Grundy Peak: Shauna Wolf, Ann & Tom Keenan, Jim Wilson, Hank Ingersoll, Joe Barth, Lori Hargrove
T22, Morena Village: Rich & Susan Breisch
T24, Clover Flat: Jane Larson, Ginger Rebstock, Mary Beth Stowe, Andy Mauro, Joe Barth, Phil Unitt
U20, Potrero: Rich & Susan Breisch
U22, Campo W: Clark Mahrdt, Ed Hall
U23, Campo E: Art & Dorothy Hester, Margaret & Bert McIntosh, Dave Seals
U24, Shockey Truck Trail: Phil Nelson, Frank Unmack, Joe Barth, Lori Hargrove, Geoff Rogers
U25, Tierra del Sol: Ed Wallace, Joe Barth, Rich Breisch, John & Beverly Hargrove, Geoff Rogers, Tim Cass
W11, San Ysidro: Phil Unitt

--Philip Unitt

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