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Progress Report
Fall 2001

map of summer data received, August 3, 2001

Breeding data received, August 3, 2001

Black=Threshold cleared (50% of target number confirmed)
Dark Gray=Threshold cleared (33% of target number confirmed)
Light Gray=Data received

Have you ever watched a steady stream of water fill a large bottle? Even though you know the same amount of water goes in each second, while the bottle is largely empty filling it seems to take forever. As the water level approaches the top, though, the bottle fills with astonishing quickness. That is what our final breeding season was like. The steady progress we had made in the preceding four years paid off. Our volunteers kept up the pressure in their adopted squares. Our blockbuster weekends attracted plenty of dedicated participants. Our field assistants fulfilled their assignments—sometimes going back as volunteers if they didn't clear the threshold on the day allotted for the square. Our attack squad was unstoppable—ravenous, hitting any uncleared square until virtually nothing was left. Thanks to Mona Baumgartel, Barbara Bell, Rich & Susan Breisch, Orval Carter, Joni Ciarletta, Joe Decanio, John Fitch, Pete Ginsburg, Ed Hall, John & Beverly Hargrove, Linda & Ron Johnson, Paul Jorgensen, Ann & Tom Keenan, Andy Mauro, Margaret & Bert McIntosh, Phil Nelson, Oz Osborn, Leslie Polinsky, Ginger Rebstock, Betty Siegel, Bob Sanger, Mary Beth Stowe, Ken Weaver, Jim Wilson, Kirsten Winter, and Jim Zimmer for their extra effort on the squad, and thanks to Conrad Sankpill for proposing the concept.

Our participants' resourcefulness was remarkable. Friendly landowners had kindness lavished upon them. Ken Weaver made long and difficult hikes into sections of Agua Tibia and Agua Caliente canyons that may never have been visited before by any human being, much less a birder. After the state park had no money this year for helicopter trips, Bob Thériault had the brilliant idea of hitching a ride on the sheriff's department's Astraea helicopter to the Santa Rosa Mountains, enabling him to clear square C27. Joe Barth's chance conversation with Bobby Curo of the Helix Water District made us a new friend and got us through the gate to cover square N18. I organized an expedition, Tom & Ann Keenan offered to drive the team in their four-wheel-drive truck, and by splitting up we were nearly able to reach the goal for the square in one day, discovering new locations for the Gray Vireo along the way. By a long hike from Boulder Creek Road Jim Zimmer, Ed Hall, and Joe Barth mopped up in the southeast corner of N18, and we cleared the threshold in a square I had once written off as inaccessible.

As of this writing, we have reached the coverage goals for the breeding season in 465 squares, an amazing 97% of the total. Nearly all of the 14 squares where the threshold was not met present difficult access problems. Six of the 14 met all the criteria for the threshold but between one third and one half of the target number of species was confirmed breeding. In another square (O25) Joe Barth met all the criteria for the threshold except the number of hours. Because of an unfriendly landowner in Canebrake Canyon this square can be covered only by an arduous backpacking trip from Indian Valley over steep boulder-strewn mountains. In only six squares were fewer than 90% of the target number of possibly breeding species found. And we have substantial data from every square but one, C4, sealed off in the "red zone" of the "Whiskey Impact Area" on Camp Pendleton.

For clearing the threshold for the breeding season since the last issue of Wrenderings, it's my pleasure to acknowledge...

A3, White Oak Springs: Lori Hargrove, Jeff Wells, Kirsten Winter, Phil Unitt
A4, Cold Spring Canyon: John & Beverly Hargrove, Joe Barth, Kirsten Winter
B2, Talega Canyon: Sachiko Fukuman, Phil Unitt
B3, San Mateo Canyon: Joe Barth, Phil Unitt
B5, Margarita Peak: Ed Hall, Jim Zimmer, Joe Barth, Lori Hargrove
C2, San Onofre Creek: Steve Brad, Lori Hargrove, Lucy Lee
C3, Jardine Canyon: Phil Unitt, Joe Barth
C5, Roblar Creek: Jeff Wells, Jennifer Turnbull, Peter Beck, Lori Hargrove, Dave Seals, Joe Barth
C9, Rainbow: Ken Weaver, Dave Seals, Phil Unitt
C10, Mt. Olympus: Ken Weaver, Dave Seals, Phil Unitt, Joni Ciarletta
C13, Eagle Crag: Beverly & John Hargrove, Kirsten Winter, Linh Hoang, Jeff Wells
C18, Chihuahua Valley W: Margaret & Bert McIntosh, John & Beverly Hargrove, Andy Mauro, Phil Nelson, Jim Wilson, Phil Unitt
C19, Chihuahua Valley E: Joe Barth, Bob Sanger, Kathy Williams, Paul Jorgensen, Phil Unitt, Kevin Burns, Ken Weaver, John Hargrove
C20, Bucksnort Mt.: Lori Hargrove, Pat Flanagan, Ginger Rebstock
C21, Alder Canyon: Ginger Rebstock, Lori Hargrove, Paul Jorgensen, Brian Bothner
C27, Villager Peak: Bob Thériault, Phil Unitt, Paul Jorgensen
D2, San Onofre Beach: Robbie Fischer, Lisa Ellis, Paul Jorgensen
D4, Horno Summit: Bryan O'Leary, Phil Unitt, Pete Ginsburg, Barbara Bell
D5, Upper Las Pulgas Canyon: Robbie Fischer, Joe Barth, Phil Unitt, Dave Seals
D11, Pala: Vesta Dineen, Ken Weaver, Lori Hargrove
D12, Wilderness Gardens: Ken Weaver, Gillian Moreland, Vesta Dineen
D16, Rattlesnake Creek: Joe Barth, Ken Weaver, John Fitch, Kirsten Winter, Geoff Rogers, John Hargrove, Jeff Wells
D17, Sunshine Summit: Jim Wilson, Andy Mauro, Phil Nelson, Phil Unitt, Mary Beth Stowe
D18, Cow Canyon: Mary Beth Stowe, Ed Hall, Clark Mahrdt, Lori Hargrove, Jim Determan, Phil Unitt
D19, Indian Flats: Kevin Burns, Lori Hargrove, Joe Barth, Jim Determan, Kirsten Winter
D21, Shingle Spring: Lori Hargrove, Bill Haas
D23, Lower Willows: Mel Gabel, Bonnie Peterson, Rich & Susan Breisch, Art Morley, Paul Jorgensen
E4, Lower Las Pulgas Canyon: Pete Ginsburg, Steve Brad, Phil Unitt
E11, Pala Mt.: Dave Seals, Ed Hall
E12, Pauma Valley: Andy Mauro, Lori Hargrove, Jim Zimmer, Jim Determan, Phil Unitt, Ed Hall E20, Hot Springs Mt. W: Ken Weaver, Clark Mahrdt
E22, Palm Mesa: Joe Barth, Dave Seals, Brennan Mulrooney, Phil Unitt
E24, Borrego Valley N: Paulette Ache, John Fitch, Paul Jorgensen, Phil Nelson, Leslie & Mark Polinsky, Rich & Susan Breisch
E26, Clark Valley SW: John Fitch, Dave Seals, Brennan Mulrooney, Ken Weaver
F4, Aliso Creek mouth: Barbara Moore, Kathy Estey, Barbara Anderson, Joan Roberts, Dorothy Green, Ann Klovstad, Cheryl Mann
F7, Morro Hill S: Andrea Peterson, Pete Ginsburg
F10, Lilac: Phil Unitt, Margaret McIntosh, Lori Hargrove, Jim Wilson
F11, Keys Creek: Jim Zimmer, Phil Unitt
F12, Cool Valley: Ed Hall, Jamie Simmons, Joe Barth, Orval Carter
F13, Rincon: Sue Berg, Mary Mosher, Ed Wallace, Margaret & Bert McIntosh, Jim Determan, Joe Barth
F20, Eagles' Nest: Margaret & Bert McIntosh, Kemer Thomson, Steve Cameron, Dave Seals, Phil Unitt, Kirsten Winter, Phil Pryde
F21, Los Coyotes: John & Beverly Hargrove, Mike & Margaret Smith
F24, Borrego Springs N: Mel Gabel
F25, Borrego Airport: Paulette Ache
G8, Vista NE: Margaret Lesinsky, Claude Edwards, Ed Hall, Jim Zimmer, Lori Hargrove, Orval Carter, Joni Ciarletta
G9, Merriam Mts.: Jim Clements, Linda Holt, Orval Carter, Carol Manning, Joni Ciarletta
G12, Valley Center E: Joe Barth, Phil Unitt, Anna & David Stanton
G13, Lower Hellhole: Gillian Moreland, Ann & Tom Keenan, Rich Breisch, Lori Hargrove, Phil Unitt, Ed Hall
G15, Pine Mt.: Kirsten Winter, Jeff Wells
G20, Upper Warner Valley: Ann & Tom Keenan, Phil Unitt, Mike Mathos, Lori Hargrove, Joe Barth
G21, Ranchita: Joe Barth, Dave Seals, Lori Hargrove, Ed Hall, Barbara Bell
G22, Chimney Rock: Paul Jorgensen, Joe Barth, Geoff Rogers
H7, Vista SW: Linda Holt, Ed Hall, Jim Zimmer, Phil Unitt, Dennis Huckabay, Joni Ciarletta
H13, Bear Valley: Orval Carter, Phil Unitt, Ed Hall, Margaret & Bert McIntosh
H21, Lithia Springs: Barbara Bell, Phil Unitt, Ed Hall, Jim Zimmer, Ginger Rebstock, Margaret McIntosh
I7, Palomar Airport: Emmy Garnica, Don Geiger, Claude Edwards, Mona Baumgartel
I8, Green Oak Ranch: Claudine Schork, Irja Graham, Shirley Grain, Naomi Taylor, Margaret & Bert McIntosh
I9, San Marcos: Paul Zucker, Geoff Rogers, Joni Ciarletta, Ken Weaver
I11, Escondido NE: Orval Carter, Ruth Hummel, Dave Seals, Phil Unitt
I13, Rockwood Canyon: Orval Carter, Clark Mahrdt, Ed Hall
I16, Black Canyon: Kirsten Winter
I19, Upper Santa Ysabel Creek: David Au, Sue Smith
I26, Sunset Wash: Lori Hargrove
J15, Valle de los Amigos: Lee Taylor
J20, Julian N: Mary Beth Stowe, Ed Hall, Jim Zimmer, Ann & Tom Keenan, Joe Barth, Orval Carter
K14, Ramona NW: Gerard & Anja Kroon, Geoff Rogers, Margaret & Bert McIntosh
K18, Dye Mt.: Bob Sanger, Lori Hargrove, Joe Barth, Kirsten Winter
K19, Pine Hills: Sue Smith, Joe Barth, Lori Hargrove, Rich Breisch, Mary Beth Stowe
K23, Earthquake Valley W: Gerald Sanders, Phil Nelson, Leslie & Mark Polinsky
L9, Lusardi Creek: Andy Mauro
L14, Ramona SW: Gillian Moreland, Fred Sproul, Geoff Rogers, Ed Hall
M15, Cañada de San Vicente: Joe Barth, Jerry Smith, Jim Wilson, Phil Nelson, Craig Reiser
M16, San Vicente Mt.: James Barr, Bob Sanger, Joe Barth, Ed Hall, Matt Farley, Brennan Mulrooney
M22, Oriflamme Mt.: Paul Jorgensen, Joe Barth, Dave Seals, Dave & Cyndee Batzler
M23, Butterfield Ranch: Herb Williams, Bob Thériault, Phil Nelson, Regena Orr, Bryan O'Leary
N15, Barona: Bob Sanger, Phil Unitt, Dave Seals
N16, El Cajon Mt.: Joe Barth, Dave Seals
N17, Sand Creek: Dave Seals, Joe Barth
N18, Tule Springs: Joe Barth, Ed Hall, Ann & Tom Keenan, Phil Unitt, Jim Zimmer
N19, Sherilton Valley: Gail & Roger Wynn, Paul Jorgensen, Joe Barth
N23, Garnet Peak: Bill Graffius, Kirsten Winter, Dave Seals
O15, El Monte Park: Dave Seals, Shannon Peters
O17, Viejas Mt.: Joe Barth, Dave Seals, Lori Hargrove, Phil Unitt, Claude Edwards
O20, Oakzanita: Dave Povey, Ann & Tom Keenan, Leslie Polinsky, Paul Jorgensen
O24, Stephenson Peak: Phil Unitt, Lori Hargrove, Nancy Nicolai
O29, Carrizo Marsh: Mark Jorgensen, Paul Jorgensen, Phil Unitt, Mike Mathos, Fred Belinsky
P9, Kearny Mesa: Kerry Kenwood, Geoff Rogers, Linda & Ron Johnson, Rich Breisch
P16, Galloway Valley: Gail & Scott Sabbadini, Phil Unitt, Margaret McIntosh, Mary Beth Stowe, Dave Seals, Claude Edwards, Jim Wilson, Rich Breisch
P20, Guatay Mt.: Phil Unitt, Jim Wilson, Joe Barth, Lori Hargrove
P24, Cuyapaipe: Dave Seals, Phil Unitt
P25, Pepperwood Trail: Joe Barth, Lori Hargrove, Geoff Rogers, Brennan Mulrooney
Q13, El Cajon: Karlene Neal
Q15, Dehesa: Herb Young, Arnold Young, Phil Unitt, Ginger Rebstock, Joe Barth, Bill Haas, Oz Osborn
Q16, Loveland Reservoir: Jim Wilson, Lori Hargrove, Rich & Susan Breisch, Pete Famolaro
Q18, Japatul Valley: Kirsten Winter, Lori Hargrove, Dave Seals, Phil Unitt
Q19, Horsethief Canyon: Dave Seals, Phil Unitt, Mike Mathos, Phil Nelson, Jim Wilson, Joe Barth
Q21, Long Valley Creek: Lori Hargrove, Ed Hall, Jim Determan, Jim Wilson, Mike Evans, Phil Unitt, Paul Jorgensen
Q23, Cibbets Flat: Claude Edwards, Ed Hall, Jim Zimmer, Joe Barth
Q24, Thing Valley: Joe Barth, Phil Unitt, Bob Sanger, Dave Seals
Q25, Cottonwood Campground: Nancy Nicolai, Ed Hall, Jim Zimmer, Ann & Tom Keenan, Joe Barth
Q26, Carrizo Overlook: Bob Sanger, Joe Barth, Dave Seals, Phil Unitt, Lori Hargrove, Bryan O'Leary
Q28, Jojoba Wash: Gerard & Anja Kroon
R15, McGinty Mt.: Phil Unitt, Ginger Rebstock, Joe Barth, Oz Osborn, Tom Oberbauer, Bill Haas
R16, Sycuan Peak: Phil Unitt, Joe Barth
R17, Lawson Valley: Joe Barth, Phil Unitt, Andy Mauro, Ginger Rebstock
R19, Espinosa Creek: Lori Hargrove, Joe Barth, Geoff Rogers
R20, Corte Madera: Joe Barth, Diana Herron, Ann Klovstad, Cheryl Mann, Geoff Rogers, Jon, Erik, & Kai Berndes, Dale Clark
R21, Long Valley: Lori Hargrove, Jim Wilson, Margaret & Bert McIntosh, Phil Unitt
R22, Cottonwood Valley: Lori Hargrove, Ann & Tom Keenan
R25, Manzanita Reservation: Joe Barth, Ginger Rebstock, Jim Determan
R26, Lost Valley: Phil Unitt, Andy Mauro, Joe Barth, Ginger Rebstock, Lori Hargrove, Regena Orr
S14, Steele Canyon: Steve Cameron, Oz Osborn, Phil Unitt
S15, Jamul: Catherine Woodruff, Ann & Tom Keenan, Margaret & Bert McIntosh, Phil Unitt
S18, Wilson Creek: Rich & Susan Breisch, Jim Hannan
S19, Barrett Lake: Rich & Susan Breisch, Jim Hannan
S20, Hauser Wilderness: Ed Hall, Jim Zimmer, Bob Sanger, Dave Seals, Joe Barth, Lori Hargrove, Rich & Susan Breisch
S25, Live Oak Springs: Dave Seals, Betty Siegel, Margaret & Bert McIntosh, Rich & Susan Breisch, Jim Wilson, Joe Barth
S26, McCain Valley: Frank Unmack, Jim Wilson, Geoff Rogers, Phil Unitt, Mike Evans
S27, Sacotone Spring: Ed Hall, Jim Zimmer, Matt Sadowski, Jim Wilson, Margaret & Bert McIntosh, Phil Unitt, Regena Orr
T10, National City: Phil Unitt, Robert Patton, Ted Godshalk, Bill Haas
T16, Dulzura: Dave Seals, Todd Stands, Susan Yamagata, Phil Unitt, Anna & David Stanton, Art & Dorothy Hester, Ann & Tom Keenan
T19, McAlmond Canyon: Joe Barth, Phil Unitt, Jim Wilson, Ed Hall
T20, Round Potrero: Jeff Wells, Joe Barth
T23, Morena Village: Lori Hargrove, Jane Larson, Phil Unitt
T24, Clover Flat: Phil Unitt, Joe Barth, Dave Seals, Betty Siegel
T25, Hill Valley: Phil Unitt, Ed Hall, Jim Determan
T26, Boulevard: Jim Wilson, Frank Unmack
T27, Bankhead Springs: Jim Wilson, Frank Unmack
U14, Lower Otay Lake E: Sean Buchanan, Oz Osborn, Phil Unitt
U15, Otay Mt. N: Ann & Tom Keenan, Phil Unitt, Geoff Rogers, Lori Hargrove, John Hammond
U16, Donohoe Mt.: Joe Barth, Rich Breisch, John Hammond, Phil Unitt, Dave Seals, Lori Hargrove, Ann & Tom Keenan, Ed Hall, Kirsten Winter
U21, Hauser Mt.: Dave Seals, Joe Barth, Kirsten Winter, Bob Sanger, Phil Unitt
U23, Campo E.: Art & Dorothy Hester, Margaret & Bert McIntosh, Phil Unitt
U24, Shockey Truck Trail: Joe Barth, Phil Nelson, Lori Hargrove, Frank Unmack
U25, Tierra del Sol: Joe Barth, Geoff Rogers, Ed & Lauren Wallace, Donna Gould, Steve Jorgensen
U26, Lake Domingo: Jim Wilson, Frank Unmack
V15, Otay Mt. S: Phil Unitt, Dave Seals, Ginger Rebstock
V16, Mine Canyon: Dave Seals, Ann & Tom Keenan, Barbara Kus, Peter Beck
V17, Little Tecate Peak: Dave Seals, Peter Beck, Ann & Tom Keenan
V18, Tecate Peak: Dave Seals, Ann & Tom Keenan, Phil Unitt

Let us also recognize the participants in those squares where all the criteria for the threshold were reached but the number of confirmed breeding species was between one third and one half of the target number. Because most of these squares are extremely difficult, entailing long hikes across trackless desert or over precipitous slopes, this level of achievement can represent at least as much effort as in the squares that cleared 50% of the target number of species confirmed breeding.

C25, Clark Valley N: Dave Seals, Shannon Peters, Herb Stone, Joe Barth
C26, Santa Rosa Mts. NW: Herb Stone, John & Beverly Hargrove
F22, San Ysidro Mt.: Joe Barth, Dave Seals, Brennan Mulrooney
O26, Canebrake Canyon: Joe Barth, Phil Unitt
O28, Bow Willow: Pete Famolaro, Paul Jorgensen, Rich & Susan Breisch, Dave Seals, Joe Barth, Lori Hargrove, Leslie & Mark Polinsky

If our effort in the project's final winter is anything close to our effort in the final breeding season, our results for that season will be just as impressive as for the breeding season.

--Philip Unitt

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