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Progress Report
Winter 2000

We passed a major milestone this year in our coverage of the county in the breeding season: the number of squares where the threshold has been cleared is now 243 of 479—just over 50%. Enough electoral votes to declare victory! Now on to the landslide!

For reaching the most ambitious threshold, at least 50% of the target number of species for the square confirmed breeding, at least 90% of the target number found possibly breeding, and at least 25 observer-hours in the square, congratulations to our hard-working observers in 26 more squares since the last issue of Wrenderings.

B7, Ross Lake: Ken Weaver
C12, Agua Tibia: Jim Determan
C14, Cutca Valley: John & Beverly Hargrove
D10, Gomez Creek: Kathy Aldern, Maryanne Bache, Ed Hall, Jim Zimmer
E10, Couser Canyon: Kathy Aldern, Maryanne Bache
E15, Mendenhall Valley: Ed Hall, Clark Mahrdt
E21, Hot Springs Mt. E: Ken Weaver, Clark Mahrdt
E25, Coyote Mt.: Paulette Ache, Ken Weaver, Phil Nelson
F9, Moosa Canyon: Jane Evans, Ed Hall
G10, Oat Hills: Ed Hall, Jim Zimmer
G16, San Luis Rey Picnic Area: Bill Haas
G26, Borrego Sink Wash: John Fitch, Paul Jorgensen, Brennan Mulrooney, Dave Seals
H11, Burnt Mt.: Dan & Debi Bylin
H12, Lake Wohlford: Penny Hernandez, Sunny Christensen, Ed Hall, Dave Seals, Bill Haas
H20, San Felipe: Ann & Tom Keenan
H27, Borrego Mt. West Butte: Mel Gabel
J14, Tim's Canyon: Clark Mahrdt, Dick Barber
K13, Bandy Canyon: Phoenix von Hendy, Margaret McIntosh
K16, Hatfield Creek: Gerard & Anja Kroon
L16, San Vicente Valley: James Barr, Michael & Susan Cassidy
M17, Isham Creek: Bob Sanger, Kathy Williams
M18, Devil's Punchbowl: Bob Sanger, Kathy Williams
M25, Vallecito Stage Station: Mark & Paul Jorgensen, Bob Thériault
N21, Cuyamaca East Mesa: John Fitch, Paul Jorgensen
U22, Campo W: Ed Hall, Clark Mahrdt
V14, O'Neal Canyon, Steve Cameron

The threshold has been met with all criteria except the number of confirmed nesting species is between 33% and 50% of the target in 12 more squares. Thanks to

D12, Wilderness Gardens: Gillian Moreland, Barbara Orr, Vesta Dineen, Ken Weaver
D23, Lower Willows: Mel Gabel, Bonnie Peterson, Art Morley, Paul Jorgensen
E24, Borrego Valley N: John Fitch, Paulette Ache, Phil Nelson
F13, Rincon: Sue Berg, Mary Mosher, Ed Wallace, John Hargrove, Susan Breisch, Margaret & Bert McIntosh
G13, Lower Hellhole: Barbara Orr, Gillian & Rosalynn Moreland, Richard Breisch, Lori Hargrove, Phil Nelson, Andy Mauro
G20, Upper Warner Valley: Ann & Tom Keenan, Joe Barth, Mike Mathos, Phil Unitt
K14, Ramona NW: Gerard & Anja Kroon
L14, Ramona SW: Gillian & Don Moreland, Elizabeth Fink, Barbara Orr, Jane McNeil, Fred Sproul
M16, San Vicente Mt.: James Barr
Q29, Volcanic Hills: Gerard & Anja Kroon
V16, Mine Canyon: Dave Seals, Peter Beck
V17, Little Tecate Peak: Dave Seals, Peter Beck

Combined, the number of squares at the "one-half" and "one-third" confirmed thresholds is 293, 63%. And in 403 squares, a phenomenal 84% of the total, at least 90% of the target number of possibly breeding species has been recorded. Clearly, one more year's effort in the breeding season, if we maintain our momentum, will convert our victory into a landslide.

Let's turn now to the upcoming winter season. The winter threshold has been cleared in 157 squares, 33% of the total, and at least 90% of the target number of species has been recorded in 298 squares, 62% of the total. So our winter progress so far has been excellent too, but clearly we have a distance to go. In particular, don't forget that each square must be visited in at least three winters for its winter threshold to be met. Therefore, don't wait to the project's last year to cover your squares in which the threshold has not yet been met. If, as it looks so far, this coming winter will be the best for irregular, invasive species since 1996-1997, getting out this winter is all the more critical for our goals—not to mention for varied and interesting birding.

--Philip Unitt

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