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Progress Report
Spring 2000

It's finally here: that long-awaited day when all the criteria for clearing the winter threshold—including data in at least three years—can finally be met. All the goals for winter have now been met in 106 squares—an achievement all the more impressive given that I write this report before we receive the winter's data from many participants at the end of the season. In the next issue of Wrenderings—and at our Wing Ding on 26 March—there will be many more threshold-clearings to recognize beyond the ones listed below. Christmas bird counts have contributed substantially to clearing the threshold in many of these squares; I'm sorry there isn't space to recognize all of these contributors to the effort as well.

C8, Upper Santa Margarita: Ken Weaver, Lisa Ale, Evelyn Ashton
E6, O'Neill Lake: Pete Ginsburg
E10, Couser Canyon: Maryanne Bache, Kathy Aldern
E21, Hot Springs Mt. E: Ken Weaver, Clark Mahrdt, Paul Jorgensen
E26, Clark Valley SW: Ed Post
F6, Pilgrim Creek: Barbara Bell
F7, Morro Hill S: Andrea Peterson
F8, Bonsall: Laurie Gammie, Pete Ginsburg
F16, Dyche Valley: Lori Hargrove
F19, Warner Springs: Claude Edwards, Mike Klein
F23, Borrego Palm Canyon: Herb Young, Alice DeBolt, Paul Jorgensen
F24, Borrego Springs N: Mel Gabel
F25, Borrego Airport: Paulette Ache
G4, Santa Margarita Estuary: Pete Ginsburg, Bonnie Peterson
G6, San Luis Rey: Mike Smith, David Rorick
G7, Guajome: Dennis Wysong, Shirley Grain
G8, Vista NE: Margaret Lesinsky
G17, Lake Henshaw: Claude Edwards
G23, Hellhole Canyon: Mel Gabel
G24, Borrego Springs S: Paulette Ache
G25, Borrego Sink: Bob Thériault
H5, Oceanside: Jim Determan, June Ginger
H6, Buena Vista Lagoon E: Lee Taylor
H8, Vista SE: Jim Zimmer
H9, Twin Oaks: Allen Craft
H20, San Felipe: Ann & Tom Keenan
H25, Casa del Zorro: Herb Young, Mary Mosher
I6, Agua Hedionda: Pete Ginsburg, Joni Ciarletta
I7, Palomar Airport: Emmy Garnica, Don Geiger
I9, San Marcos: Paul Zucker
I12, Bottle Peak: Christine Rideout
I15, Pamo Valley S: Orval Carter
I20, Volcan Mt.: Bill Haas, Ann & Tom Keenan, Robert Patton
I23, Yaqui Flat: Phil Nelson
I24, Tamarisk Grove: Phil Nelson
J6, Batiquitos Lagoon: Mona Baumgartel
J7, La Costa: Mona Baumgartel, C. C. Gorman
J8, Questhaven: Jim Zimmer
J9, Harmony Grove: Jim Zimmer
J10, Escondido SW: Orval Carter
J12, Wild Animal Park: Debi & Dan Bylin
J14, Tim's Canyon: Clark Mahrdt, Dick Barber
J15, Valle de los Amigos: Lee Taylor
J19, Wynola: Sue Smith, David Au
J20, Julian N: Mary Beth Stowe
J22, Scissors Crossing: Ed Hall
J29, Halfhill Dry Lake: Lori Hargrove
K8, Olivenhain: Jim Determan
K9, Elfin Forest: Lee Taylor
K10, Lake Hodges: Dick Barber
K11, Kit Carson Park: Ed Hall, Dick Barber
K12, Highland Valley: Ed Hall
K13, Bandy Canyon: Phoenix von Hendy
K15, Ramona NE: Margaret & Bert McIntosh
K20, Julian S: Ed Hall
L7, San Elijo Lagoon: Andy Mauro
L8, Rancho Santa Fe: Andy Mauro
L10, La Jolla Valley: Ron Warren, Kirsten Winter
L11, Rancho Bernardo: Jane McNeil
L12, Blue Sky Ranch: Margaret & Bert McIntosh
L13, Mt. Woodson: Phoenix von Hendy
L20, North Peak: Arnold Young, Rich Breisch, Virginia Moran
L21, Chariot Canyon: Jim Wilson
M7, Del Mar: Don Grine
M10, Rancho Peñasquitos: Kirsten Winter
M11, Poway W: Kirsten Winter
M20, Cuyamaca Peak: Ann & Tom Keenan
M26, Agua Caliente: Ed Hall
N7, Los Peñasquitos Lagoon: Don Adams, Kathy Estey, Barbara Moore
N8, Carmel Mt.: Don Adams, Linda & Ron Johnson
N10, Miramar Reservoir: Kirsten Winter, Gerard & Anja Kroon
N11, Beeler Canyon: Kirsten Winter, Brock Ortega
O8, Golden Triangle: Don Adams
O9, Miramar W: Don Adams, Tammy Conkle
O13, Eucalyptus Hills: Dave Seals
O15, El Monte Park: Dave Seals, Shannon Peters
P7, La Jolla: Leslie & Mark Polinsky, Mike Mathos, Fred Belinsky
P12, Santee: Ed Post
P13, Winter Gardens: Dave Seals
Q8, Bay Park: Ed Wallace, Joe Worley
Q11, Lake Murray: Oz Osborn
Q12, Grossmont: Jemila Bennett
Q14, Singing Hills: Jon, Erik, & Kai Berndes, Tom Oberbauer
Q27, Carrizo Canyon: Doug Julian, Rich Breisch, Andy Mauro
R9, Mission Valley: Jim Wilson
R10, East San Diego: John Dietrick
R12, La Mesa: Nancy Inman, Don & Marjorie Hastings
R13, Casa de Oro: Don & Marjorie Hastings, Joe Barth
R23, Kitchen Creek: Lori Hargrove
S7, Point Loma: Ginger Johnson, Joe Worley
S8, North Island: Robert Patton
S9, Downtown San Diego: Yaz Ikegaya
S10, Greenwood/Mt. Hope: Phil Unitt
S11, Encanto: Phil Unitt
S22, Boulder Oaks: Richard & Susan Breisch
T9, Silver Strand: Jim Coatsworth
T10, National City: Ted Godshalk, Phil Unitt
T11, Bonita: Pete Famolaro
T12, Sunnyside: Tom Dorman
T21, Lake Morena: Richard & Susan Breisch
U10, South Bay: Barbara Moore
U12, Telegraph Canyon: Tom Dorman
V10, Imperial Beach: Claude Edwards
V11, Otay Valley: Guy McCaskie, Phil Unitt
V12, Otay Mesa W: Pat Walsh, Bill Haas, Phil Unitt
W10, Border Field: Stan Walens, Geoff Rogers, Kathy Aldern

At this writing, the winter database is over 103,000 records. In 242 squares the number of species recorded in winter is already over 90% of the target number, and in another 76 it is between 80 and 90%. Clearly many more squares are on the verge of clearing the winter threshold. Please send your data in promptly at the end of February to ensure we can recognize your clearing of the winter threshold at our spring Wing Ding!

--Philip Unitt

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