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The quarterly newsletter for Bird Atlas volunteers
Fall 2000

Our progress in the breeding season just past was truly impressive, increasing the number of squares with all goals met by 71, to 217 or 45% of the total. Clearing thresholds is becoming a team effort, as the contributions of volunteers adopting squares, blockbuster weekends, incidental observations, and field assistants funded under our agreements with CalTrans, California State Parks, and the U.S. Forest Service complement each other. Congratulations to the participants listed below for their accomplishments, and thanks again to Pam Beare, Barbara Kus, Paul Jorgensen, and Kirsten Winter for arranging the funding that has enabled the extra effort to put many squares over the top.

[Grid map of breeding data received, 16 August 2000.]
Breeding data received, 16 August 2000

Black - Threshold cleared (50% of target number confirmed)
Dark Gray - Threshold cleared (33% of target number confirmed)
Light Gray - Data received

B4, Case Spring: Pete Ginsburg
B6, De Luz: Ken Weaver
D3, Horno Canyon: Rich & Susan Breisch, Donna Gould, Kaaren Perry, Dave Seals
D9, Monserate Mt.: Ed Hall
D15, Palomar Observatory: Ken Weaver
E5, Camp Pendleton Airfield: Pete Ginsburg, Barbara Bell
E9, Pala Mesa: Dennis & Carol Wysong, Carol Manning
E13, Nate Harrison Grade: Conrad Sankpill
E14, Boucher Hill: Karen Messer & Bob Turner, Dan Cooper, Orval Carter, Ed Hall, Joe Barth, Gerard & Anja Kroon, Matt Sadowski, Phil Unitt
E16, Barker Valley: David Rawlins, Ruth Bergstrom, Jeff Wells, Jennifer Turnbull, Phil Unitt
F6, Pilgrim Creek: Barbara Bell
F8, Bonsall: Pete Ginsburg, Laurie Gammie
F14, Rancho Cuca: Sue Berg
F15, La Jolla Amago: Maxine Dougan, Sue Berg, Dave Seals
F17, West Fork San Luis Rey: Sue Smith, Kirsten Winter, Ginger Rebstock, Joe Barth, Lori Hargrove
F19, Warner Springs: Claude Edwards, Phil Pryde, David Seay, Andy Mauro
G11, Valley Center W: Sam & Sandy Farrow, Lisa Seneca, Vesta Dineen
G19, Warner Ranch: James Barr, Joe Barth, Ed Hall, Andy Mauro, Mike Evans, Phil Unitt
H9, Twin Oaks: Jim Zimmer, Lori Hargrove
H16, Gem Hill: Ed Hall, Jim Zimmer
I14, Boden Canyon: Dick Barber, Clark Mahrdt
I18, Santa Ysabel Mission: Sue Smith, David Au
I20, Volcan Mt.: Ann & Tom Keenan
J16, Sutherland Lake W: Brian Travis, Gene Warneke, Joe Barth
J17, Sutherland Lake E: Jim Zimmer, Ed Hall, Brian Travis, Gene Warneke
J21, San Felipe Valley S: Phil Nelson
J27, Vallecito Mts. NE: Art Morley, Joe Barth, Dave Seals, Phil Unitt
J28, Bendire's Thrasher: Joe Barth, Geoff Rogers
K17, Ballena Valley: Orval Carter, Joe Decanio, Dave Seals
K24, Earthquake Valley E: Bill Graffius, Dave Seals, Brennan Mulrooney, Lori Hargrove
K26, Pinyon Canyon: Mark David Hoefer, Evan Jorgensen, Brennan Mulrooney, Dave Seals
K28, Starfish Cove: Lori Hargrove, Ann & Tom Keenan
K29, Elephant Tree: Mark David Hoefer, Lori Hargrove, Ann & Tom Keenan
L10, La Jolla Valley: Kirsten Winter & Charles van Tassel
L18, Mildred Falls: Wayne Pray, Orval Carter, Kirsten Winter, Lori Hargrove, Bob Sanger
L20, North Peak: Arnold Young, Andy Mauro, Rich Breisch, Kathie Satterfield, Dave Seals, Joe Barth, Virginia Moran
L21, Chariot Canyon: Jim Wilson
L24, Blair Valley: Bob Thériault
L25, Whale Peak: Bob Thériault
M7, Del Mar: Don Grine
M12, Poway E: Phoenix von Hendy, Margaret & Bert McIntosh
M27, June Wash: Bob Thériault
N12, Goodan Ranch: Bill Haas, Margaret & Bert McIntosh
N26, Tierra Blanca: Joe Barth, Lori Hargrove, Dave Seals
N27, Palm Spring: Rich & Susan Breisch, Dave Seals
O9, Miramar W: Oz Osborn, Tammy Conkle, Geoff Rogers, Phil Unitt
O19, Hulburd Grove: Joe Barth
O23, Mount Laguna: Ann Klovstad, Cheryl Mann, Claude Edwards
O27, Well of Eight Echoes: Phil Pryde
P14, Lakeside: Mary Beth Stowe
P22, Scove Canyon: Phil Unitt
P23, Wooded Hill: Ed Hall, Jim Zimmer
P26, Sombrero Peak: Phil Pryde, Brennan Mulrooney, Lori Hargrove
Q10, Grantville: Phil Unitt, Oz Osborn
Q14, Singing Hills: Jon, Erik, & Kai Berndes, Tom Oberbauer
Q22, Glen Cliff: Jim Wilson
Q27, Carrizo Canyon: Lori Hargrove, Frank Unmack, Doug Julian
R18, Japatul Fire Station: Matt Sadowski, Jim Wilson, Joe Barth, Dave Seals
R24, Simmons Canyon: Jane Larson, Ann & Tom Keenan, Phil Nelson, Dave Seals, Joe Barth
R28, Indian Hill: Jim Zimmer
S16, Lee Valley: Joe Barth
S17, Lyons Valley: Joe Barth, Phil Nelson, Dave Seals
S23, La Posta: Lori Hargrove, Margaret & Bert McIntosh
S24, Miller Valley: Lori Hargrove, Margaret & Bert McIntosh
T13, Upper Otay Lake: Tom Dorman, John Walters
T22, Morena Village: Rich & Susan Breisch
U11, Chula Vista: Tom Dorman, Phil Unitt
U18, Barrett Junction: Phil Unitt, Lori Hargrove, Nova Fraser, Dave Seals
U19, Potrero Peak: Margaret & Bert McIntosh
U20, Potrero: Rich & Susan Breisch, Phil Unitt
U27, Boundary Creek: Frank Unmack

In 46 more squares we have reached the interim goal of all criteria met with between 33 and 50% of the target number of species confirmed breeding.

Dark Gray >90% of target numbers of possibly breeding species have been recorded
>33% of target number has been confirmed

B2, Talega Canyon: Sachiko Fukuman, Phil Unitt
C20, Bucksnort Mt.: Lori Hargrove
H19, Matagual Valley: Barbara Bell, Sue Smith, Dave Seals, Phil Unitt
H22, Camel Rock: Paul Jorgensen, Joe Barth, Phil Unitt
I16, Black Canyon: Kirsten Winter, Sharon McKelvey
I21, San Felipe Valley N: Jim Zimmer, Bill Haas
I26, Sunset Wash: Lori Hargrove
J15, Valle de los Amigos: Lee Taylor
J24, Chuckwalla Wash: Joe Barth, Geoff Rogers, Steve Cameron
K18, Dye Mt.: Lori Hargrove, Bob Sanger, Joe Barth
K23, Earthquake Valley W: Gerald Sanders
K25, Pinyon Mts.: Bob Thériault, Joe Barth, Brennan Mulrooney, Dave Seals
L22, Oriflamme Canyon: David & Cyndee Batzler, Joe Barth, Brennan Mulrooney, Dave Seals
M17, Isham Creek: Bob Sanger & Kathy Williams
N13, Slaughterhouse Canyon: Rich & Susan Breisch, Claude Edwards
N16, El Cajon Mt.: Dave Seals, Joe Barth
P25, Pepperwood Trail: Lori Hargrove, Brennan Mulrooney, Geoff Rogers
P28, Sweeney Pass: Dave Seals, Phil Nelson, Jim Wilson, Geoff Rogers
P29, Canyon sin Nombre: Dave Seals, Brennan Mulrooney, Paul Jorgensen, Phil Unitt, Mike Mathos, Fred Belinsky
Q28, Jojoba Wash: Gerard & Anja Kroon, Lori Hargrove, Phil Unitt
R27, Redondo Flat: Lori Hargrove, Paul Jorgensen, Ginger Rebstock, Phil Unitt
R29, Dos Cabezas Mine: Brennan Mulrooney, Dave Seals, John Hargrove, Ginger Rebstock, Phil Nelson
T16, Dulzura: Dave Seals, David Stanton
T27, Bankhead Springs: Frank Unmack, Jim Wilson

Many more squares are near the threshold: 27 are short only of the 25-hour criterion to reach their 50%-confirmed threshold, and 44 are short only of the 25-hour criterion to reach their 33%-confirmed threshold. In 389 (81%) squares at least 90% of the target number of possible species has been recorded, and in 445 (93%) at least 80% of this number has been recorded. We made so much progress over the spring and summer that I offer a map showing squares with fewer than 90% of the target number of possibly breeding species and fewer than 33% of the target number of confirmed breeding species as a guide if you're considering adopting another square.

If we can sustain this year's level of effort through the next and final breeding season of the project, we are sure to meet our ultimate goal of thorough coverage of the entire county.

--Philip Unitt

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