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The San Diego Bird Atlas Project is a research endeavor of the San Diego Natural History Museum's Biodiversity Research Center of the Californias, which is focused on regional biology. The project's manager is Philip Unitt, collection manager of the Museum's Department of Birds and Mammals, ably aided by administrative assistant Ann Klovstad. The project's steering committee is composed of Mike Evans (San Diego Field Ornithologists), Conrad Sankpill (San Diego Audubon Society and San Diego Field Ornithologists), Dr. Karen Messer (Buena Vista Audubon Society), Ken Weaver (Palomar Audubon Society), Paul Jorgensen (California State Parks), Kirsten Winter (U.S. Forest Service), and Bill Toone (Zoological Society of San Diego). An important partner is Elizabeth Castillo (Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations at the Museum) who is assisting in the search for funding for the Project.

And most important are the volunteer observers--over 310, as of March 2001--in the field and recording the data that will become the basis for the atlas itself. What a team!

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