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Volunteer Questionnaire

Name: _________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________
Phone: _________________________________________

Please assess your birding skills:

_____ I have enough experience with identification of southern California birds that I could take responsibility for a square. (Please see the San Diego Bird Atlas Instruction Handbook to learn what is involved.)

_____ My birding skills need upgrading. I'd like to team up with someone with more experience.

Please answer the following questions:

1. Are you willing to volunteer to cover at least one 3 x 3-mile square, understanding that this entails a commitment of 50 hours in the field (the hours may be spread over as much as 5 years)?

2. Are you willing to cover for the atlas a square that includes one of your regular birding sites? Please specify site(s)?

3. Are you willing to volunteer to cover a square as needed to achieve our goal of completeness? You may suggest some region of the county. Please specify region(s):

4. Do you have access to a 4-wheel-drive vehicle and are willing to use it to cover a square that may not be accessible by other means?

5. Are you willing to cover a wilderness square, which requires substantial hiking to be reached or to be covered adequately?

6. Do you have access to private property that may be critical to adequate coverage of an area. Please specify site(s):

7. Do you know private landowners that may be cooperative, if approached properly, to grant us access to their property? For the benefit of all cooperating landowners, we will include a copy of California Civil Code Section 846, which specifies that private property owners who give access to their land for certain "recreational purposes," including "nature study," are free from liability for doing so. Please specify site(s); if necessary, we'll contact you for more details later:

8. If you aren't able to take responsibility for covering a square, are you willing to provide data for the atlas on a less structured or more casual basis?

Please return the completed form to Philip Unitt, San Diego Natural History Museum, P.O. Box 121390, San Diego, CA 92112-1390, or fax it to 619-232-0248. For more information, send email to

Bird Atlas Introduction