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Instruction Handbook Contents

Project Overview
What will come out of this project, and why?
Where did this idea come from?
Who is involved?
Who is in charge?
How does it get organized?
What is the grid system based on?

Volunteer Work
What happens after I volunteer to cover a square?
How should I schedule my field work?
How do I tell whether a species is breeding?
How do I fill out the daily field form?
How do I interpret the maps?
What do I do with the extra copies of the maps?
What do I do with the block summary form?
What if I notice birds outside my squares?
I can't commit to taking responsibility for a whole square. Can I still participate?
What about private landowners?
How do I report my results?
How will I stay informed?
Expect the unexpected!
Please, be careful.

Species Accounts (73K)
Each species known to have bred in San Diego County is included here. This information on the birds' basic biology can be used to help schedule field trips, target less obvious species, and interpret your observations. A supplement covering winter status will be posted soon.

Grid System
A map of San Diego County showing adopted squares -- and squares still available.