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"Focus on..." was published in Wrenderings, the quarterly newsletter for Bird Atlas volunteers. Each article focuses on the identification and distribution of closely related species.

Cassin's Finches, photo by Ken Fink

Male and female Cassin's Finches
Photo by Ken Fink

Focus On...

Redhead and CanvasbackWinter 1998

Sharp-shinned and Cooper's HawksFall 2001

Snow and Ross' GeeseSpring 2002

Gambel's QuailFall 1997

Lesser NighthawkSpring 1998

Royal and Elegant TernsSummer 2000

Greater and Lesser YellowlegsWinter 1999

Nuttall's and Ladder-backed WoodpeckersSpring 1999

Hairy and Downy WoodpeckersSummer 2001

Ash-throated Flycatcher and Its RelativesWinter 2000

Western and Cassin's KingbirdsSummer 1998

Plumbeous, Cassin's, and Gray VireosFall 1999

Hermit and Swainson's ThrushesSummer 1999

Violet-green and Tree SwallowsWinter 1997

Purple and Cassin's FinchesSpring 2001

American, Lawrence's and Lesser GoldfinchesWinter 2001

Black-throated and Sage SparrowsFall 1998

Indigo and Lazuli BuntingsSummer 2002

Scott's, Bullock's, and Hooded OriolesSpring 2000

Red-winged and Tricolored BlackbirdsFall 2000

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