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Viewing the Exhibit Although many fossils are inherently beautiful, their true value lies in their potential to teach us about the past. Each fossil preserves some record of ancient environments, ecological conditions, evolutionary processes, and time. Learning how to interpret fossils is an exciting experience, and one not just for professional scientists.

The public is also very interested in fossils and especially fossils from their own region. PaleoServices personnel are committed to making the public aware of the fossils salvaged from regional construction projects. Learning from the exhibitOften this is done through museum displays or museum classroom activities and programs.

The Nature to You Loan Library is another venue for interested members of the public to check out specially prepared mini displays. In some cases "surplus" salvaged fossils are made available to interested schools and teachers to augment their science teaching materials.

Skull and mandible of fossil merycoidodontine oreodont and Directions Link

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