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Shark Sitings

Shark Attack -- The PBS series "Nova" explores the danger, mystery, and science of sharks. A transcript of the television broadcast is available online. (Note: The transcript file is large, and may take a few moments to download.)

Shark Safari -- The National Geographic provides a really cool online game for testing what you know about sharks. (Requires the use of Javascript-capable browsers. Such browsers are available from Netscape and Microsoft.)

Shark Week -- This offering from the Discovery Channel Online corresponds with their periodic broadcast of shark related shows. Highlights include: a livecam video of the Giant Ocean Tank exhibit at the New England Aquarium in Boston, and the Shark Tank where you can learn about more than a dozen sharks, from the Great White to the Wobbegong.

The Pelagic Shark Research Foundation -- If you've got the time (or a high-speed Internet connection), you'll want to check out their video library of shark encounters.

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