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Books About Sharks

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Ages 8-12

Banister, Keith
Sharks and Rays (A Look Inside Series)
Readers Digest (1995) Hardcover - 20 pages
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Corrigan, Patricia
Sharks for Kids (Ranger Rick Series)
NorthWord Press (1995) Paperback - 48 pages
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[Shark (Eyewitness Books)] MacQuitty, Miranda
Shark (Eyewitness Books)
Knopf (1992) Hardcover - 64 pages
Provides a fact-filled, extensively illustrated study of the great predators of the ocean, discussing the special characteristics of various shark species, their anatomy, behavior, and the myths and realities behind their sinister reputation.
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Ages 4-8


Berman, Ruth
Sharks (A Carolrhoda Nature Watch Book)
Carolrhoda Books, Inc. (1995) Paperback - 47 pages
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Kalman, Bobbie and Niki Walker
Crabtree Publishing Co. (1997) Paperback - 32 pages
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Maestro, Betsy C.
A Sea Full of Sharks (A Blue Ribbon Book)
Scholastic Trade (1997) Paperback - 32 pages
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Resnick, Jane P.
Sharks (Eyes on Nature Series)
Action Publishing (1995) Paperback - 30 pages
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